The competition between Vivo and TIM for the leadership in postpaid growth

Voice is no longer the main revenue source to Brazilian operators

4G may surpass 3G in Brazil in 2017
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Mobile statistics

240.9 million mobile accesses in Oct/17; Net additions were negative

By State: 128.15 cell./100 inhabitants in Rio de Janeiro

4G: Mobile accesses increased 58.6% in the year

3G: 95.5 million accesses via 3G handsets (WCDMA)

Market Share

Claro was the growth leader in October

By States: Vivo led growth in São Paulo

By Region: Oi had the biggest growth inside the region I

Net Adds in 3Q17

  Leader 2nd Position

Total Mobile Accesses

Vivo Oi
Postpaid Vivo Oi
Prepaid Claro Claro
Mobile Broadband Claro Vivo
Broadband Terminals Claro Claro
M2M Terminals Claro Vivo

Telecom BraZil

Telecom Indicators

Accesses (million)  

Mobile Accesses



Fixed Telephones






Pay TV



Consult the accesses in 2015


Dec/08 R$ ∆ Weekly
TIMP3 12.1 3.2%  
VIVT3 40.8 2.7%  
VIVT4 50.2 3.9%  
OIBR3 4.5 0.2%  
OIBR4 4.1 3.3%  
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Mobile Telephony

Mobile Statistics

MVNO (Oct/17)

79.1% of the MVNOs accesses were M2M in Oct/17


Smartphones in Brazil (3Q17)

Smartphones sales in Brazil increased 4.5% in one year

Smartphones in the World

373 million smartphones sold in the world in the quarter

fixed services

Statistics (Oct/17)

Fixed Accesses

Negative net additions reached 844 thousand fixed accesses in the year

Market Share

Oi registered negative net adds of 87 thousand fixed telephones in October



Tablets in Brazil (2Q17)

Brazilian market of tablets had reduction of 8% in sales

Tablets in the World

Tablets world sales shrank 5.4% in the 3Q17


Telecom Industry (Abinee)

Billing increased 10% in 2017



Regulations Guide: Main documents

In Discussion: The Australian Broadband Plan and Brazil - Octavio Sampaio and John Costa, Consultants

Tutorial: Summary of Brazilian Telecom Legal System - José Barbosa Mello and Silvia Melchior





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