MAVAM - Monitor Acision de VAS Móvel

In this page: Access to the Acision Monitor for Mobile VAS (MAVAM) prepared by Teleco.





Acision Monitor for Mobile VAS (MAVAM)


In Brazil, like in the rest of Latin America, Value-Added Services (VAS) still have small participation in carriers’ services revenue.


Since there is no public detailed information about the market of Mobile Value-Added Services (VAS) in Brazil and in Latin America, Acision decided to develop the MAVAM Project with Teleco, in order to study this market and monitor key indicators. The Project also seeks to create a database and analyze trends for the use of mobile VAS in the country.

Acision Monitor for Mobile VAS (MAVAM)


Version 3Q10:

Download (590 KB)


Previous editions

Version 1Q10:

Download (237 KB)


Version 3Q09:

Download (229 KB)


Version 2Q09:

Download (217 KB)





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