Mobile Leaders in 2Q18

The growth of fixed broadband in 1S18

Claro x TIM: Which operator had the best mobile performance in 1S18?
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Results 2Q18

Mobile revenue increased 10.5%

Net profit jumped 53% and reached R$ 335 million

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Telecom Indicators

Accesses (million)  

Mobile Accesses



Fixed Telephones






Pay TV



Consult the accesses in 2017


Jul/20 R$ ∆ Weekly
TIMP3 13.1 (2.8%)
VIVT3 40.7 (0.2%)
VIVT4 44.1 (0.5%)
OIBR3 3.5 (11.4%)
OIBR4 3.1 (9.2%)
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Rankings 2018

Internet-Friendly Cities (2018)

Uberlândia-MG was the leader for the third year in a row


Smart Cities(2018)

Juiz de Fora-MG was the leader of the first edition of the ranking

Market Cap

Market cap of the main companies in June

Mobile Services

Results 2Q18

Churn in mobile telephony reached 3.8% in the quarter

Mobile Telephony

Mobile Statistics

235.5 million accesses in May/18

Market Share (May/18)

Claro was the growth leader

Vivo was first in postpaid growth

Prepaid participation decreased to 60.74%

Fixed Services

Fixed Telephony

Accesses (May/18)

40.3 million fixed telephones in the month

Market Share

Negative net adds of 211 thousand accesses in May/18



30.1 million fixed broadband accesses in May/18

Market Share (May/18)

Claro drove the growth of the segment

Pay TV


17.9 million pay TV accesses in May/18

Market Share (May/18)

Oi was the growth leader in the segment

Internet & Otts

Results 2Q18

Net profit rocketed 485%

Cloud services revenue increased 23%


Results 2Q18

Net profit raised 43% in the quarter

Net profit raised 8% and totalized US$ 837 million


PCs in the World

PC sales increased 2.7% in 2Q18


Results 2Q18

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Results 2Q18

Net loss of US$ 201 million

Latin America

Results 2Q18

Revenue increased 3.2%

Claro Argentina: Revenue had growth of 29%

Telcel: Equipments revenue raised 25%

Comcel: ARPU dropped 3%

Investiments shrank 11%

Net profit rocketed 153%

Mexico & Central America

Mexico (2017)

Pay TV was the service that had the biggest growth

‣ Mobile: 92.0 cell./100 inhabitants

‣ Fixed Services: 17.1 million broadband accesses

South America


61.7 million accesses in 1Q18


‣ Mobile: Accesses increased 6.5%

‣Fixed Services: 16.7 broadband accesses/100 inhab.


62.2 million mobile accesses in 2017

‣ Mobile: 52.2 mobile broadband/100 inhabitants

‣ Fixed Services: 6.3 million fixed broadband

Ecuador (May/18)

‣ Mobile: Prepaid base reached 70%

‣ Fixed Services: 2.4 million fixed telephones


5.4 million mobile accesses in 2017

Venezuela (3Q17)

‣ Mobile: Prepaid base reached 91.7%

‣ Fixed Services: 8.3 fbroadband accesses/100 inhab.


Dominican Republic

‣ Mobile: Accesses had growth

‣ Fixed Services: 9.2 pay TV accesses/100 inhab.

Trinidad & Tobago

150 cell./100 inhabitants in 2017



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Tutorial: Summary of Brazilian Telecom Legal System - José Barbosa Mello and Silvia Melchior




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