3G: 3rd Cellular Generation in Brazil


In this page: Frequencies, operators and implementation of networks by the operators.

The UMTS (WCDMA/HSDPA) is the 3G standard in Brazil adopted for all the operators, even by Vivo.


In 2007, Anatel opened an auction of frequencies in 1900/2100 MHz to 3G implementation. The companies that acquired these frequencies were: Vivo, Tim, Claro, Oi, BrT and CTBC. Some of these nets, as Tim's and BrT's, are already to start operation and wait for Anatel to sign the authorization.


3G frequencies in Brazil


Anatel assigned the 1900/2100 MHz frequencies to 3G implementation in Brazil. There isn't, however, prohibition to use others frequencies for 3G. Vivo, Telemig and Claro implanted their 3G nets in 850 MHz.





The following table presents the sub-bands in 1,900 MHz and 2,100 MHz destined by Anatel to the implantation of 3G (more details).



Sub-band (MHz)
Band width (MHz)
Transmission of
Mobile station
Extension Sub-band

* TDD Systems (Time Division Duplex) that use the same sub-band of frequencies to transmission in both directions.


The F, G and I bands were part of the first 3G licitation promoted by Anatel in 2007.


The H band was reserved by Anatel to the entrance of new operators or smaller companies. In another possibility, the band might be acquired by companies that already own G and I bands.



Utilization of the Bands A and B (850 MHz) for 3G


The cellular operators that have frequencies in the bands 800 MHz (Bands A and B) can use these frequencies to implant 3G systems in the UMTS standard (WCDMA/HSDPA). This band is been used per operators in the United States as Cingular to implant it network WCDMA/HSDPA.


Claro and Tim have spectrum in 850 MHz because their clients change to GSM and are using the extension bands in 900 and 1800 MHz (more details). Claro,could implant it 3G network (WCDMA/HSDPA) in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, in the Northeast and in the Middle-West, without acquiring new Anatel's frequencies.


Operators in the Bands A and B (850 MHz) in Brazil


Area SMC Band A Band B

1 and 2 (São Paulo )

Vivo Claro

3 (RJ, ES)

Vivo Claro

4 (MG)

Telemig TIM

5 (PR, SC)

TIM Vivo

6 (Rio G Sul)

Vivo Claro

7 (M. West)

8 (Amazônia)

Amazônia Vivo

9 (BA, SE)

Vivo TIM

10 (Northeast)

TIM Claro


Oi and Brasil Telecom that use the band of 1800 MHz (Bands D and E) have to wait the licitation of 3G of Anatel. BrT announced that wants, in 2007, to consult the suppliers about the possibility of using the Band 1,800 for 3G.


Telemig and Claro could have started to operate earlier

Claro and Telemig had to wait for Anatel's authorization to start operation. According to Anatel, it would be necessary a year to repeal the Res. 227 of June 2000, which reserves band frequencies to IMT-2000 (3G) implementation. Note that this resolution didn't prevent the activation of Vivo's EVDO which is also IMT-2000.


Anatel opened for public consultation the repeal proposal of the Res. 227 putting an end on questions about the possibility of use of 850 MHz band for 3G. In April/08 the resolution was repealed.


In 10/31/07, Anatel announced that the 3G technologies can be used in all the bands reserved to Personal Mobile Service (Serviço Móvel Pessoal - SMP).



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