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Tim speeds up while Vivo's GSM doesn't come out


Brazil reached in August/06, month of "Father's Day", a density of 50.08 cell/100 inhab and a total of 94.9 million cellulars. The net income in the month were 1.8 million cellulars, over May, month of " Mother's Day", which presented a net income of 1.7 million cellulars.


Tim was the big responsible for this result.


Consult: net income in Aug/06


August was a month of record growth for Tim in 2006. With net income of 741 thousand cellulars, it was the only operator that presented in Aug/06 a superior growth to the presented in May/06.


Tim sped up its growth rhythm from jun/06 when Vivo announced the implantation of GSM.


Some factors are stimulating Tim's speed up:

  • To gain a bigger number of clients, also from Vivo, before its GSM implantation and compete in the same level with other operators.
  • To get 1st position in market share. A break of 1.9 million cellulars promoted by Vivo this possibility became closer.
  • To improve the position of the company in view of possible sale. Telecom Italia announced a reorganization that opens for sale Tim in Brazil (more details).

Whichever the main reason is that Tim had gotten in 2 months to reduce in 1 million cellulars the difference that separates it from Vivo.



These results confirm Teleco's projections, kept the current conditions, Tim must reach Vivo in the 1st semester of 2007. Consult: Will Tim exceed Vivo?


Although Tim have led the growth in most part of the States of North and region II, the result was gotten in the State of São Paulo where Tim presented net income of 198 thousand cellulars, against 5 thousand of Vivo and 146 thousand of Claro. In the metropolitan region of São Paulo (11) Tim's net income had been 121 thousand cellulars, 65.6% of the total in the month.


This situation strengthens Teleco's projections which indicate that Brazil must finish 2006 with 100 million cellulars. To reach it, it 's necessary to grow 5 million in the last 4 months of the year.


Finally it's good to know that, in August the percentage of pre-paid (80.7%) came back to grow and the participation of GSM in the total of cellulars of Brazil surpassed 60% (more details).


Looking at the text above you could ask:

  • Will Tim surpass Vivo in Market Share?
  • Why Tim sped up its growth rhythm ? Will the other operators react?
  • Tim Casa, Tim's product with zero tariff to calls from the house of the user to fixed telephone, could help Tim to growth?
  • With how many cellulars Brazil must finish 2006 ?
  • The low growth of Vivo indicates that the operator continues cleaning its custumers base?
  • How operators sale as Telemig, Amazônia Celular, BrT GSM or Tim will be able to change this situation?
  • The process of reorganization of Telecom Italia can affect the capacity of Tim's investment ?



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