Tim leads cellulars growth in Jan/07


Brazil finished Jan/07 with 100.7 million cellulars and density of 53.61 cell/100 inhab. Net Adds in the month were 798.5 thousand new authorizations, lesser than January/06.



One example of what happened in 2006, Tim and Claro leads cellular growth in January/07.




Tim grew lesser than Claro in the last three months of 2006, and surpassed net adds in Jan/07. The board of directors of Telecom Italia refused in 02/16/07 the offers received to buy Tim. The possibility of operator's sales is stuck, at least till April, when the Advice will meet again. The performance of Tim in January is the indicator that the operator start over to count resources to keep growing. The difference that separates Tim from Vivo decreased to 3,364 thousand cellulars in January.


BrT GSM had for the first time, net adds superior to Oi.



Vivo started to have low growth in January with Net adds of 3.8 thousand cellulars. This result is an indicator that Vivo still isn't done with the process of base cleaning in June/06.


In January 2007 can be checked out the entrance of Vivo's GSM network in operation. Cellulars base with CDMA technology had a reduction of 151 thousand cellulars in this month. As Vivo presented positive net adds, the reduction of CDMA base was compensated by the growth of the GSM cellulars of Vivo's base.


Vivo started the commercialization of pre-pay GSM cellulars in 12/14/06 in the city of São Paulo. On Feb/07 the service was available in most part of brazilian's capitals, except in the capitals of Rondônia, Roraima, Acre and Amapá. Vivo is commercializing around 12 models of devices with aggressive offers with phones lesses than R$ 100 with minutes included. Vivo will commercialize pos-pay cellulars.


You could ask:

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  • Who is gonna buy Telemig Celular and Amazônia Celular?







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