Record of net adds in the year can be broken in 2007

Brazil ended november 2007 with 116.3 million cell phones and density of 61.2 cell/100 inhab. ( Anatel's Preliminary Data)


Cellular growth in 2007 sped up since 2nd quarter (2Q07) with the entrance of Vivo's GSM network and promotions of minutes packs with low prices as "ligador" of Oi.


Net adds of the 2nd semester of 2007 surpass month to month the net adds of last years.



The net adds of november were 1.6 million cell phones with 135% growth comparing to november 2006.


These results confirm the predictions in which Brazil should end 2007 with 120 million cell phones and net adds of 20 million in the year (more details). The growth in the last 12 months was 19 million cell phones.


The net adds in 2007 (Jan-Nov) 16.4 million cell phones. To exceed 120 million cell phones the net adds of december have to be superior to 3.6 million cell phones.



If the net adds of december were superior to 4.12 million cell phones, the year 2007 will surpass 2005 as the year with the biggest cell phone's net adds in Brazil, which would confirm the results gotten from january to december.


The promotions to Christmas 2007 are very aggressive in device's prices (Vivo and Claro), and in the offer of packs of promotional minutes - free or low prices. Check out the promotions on ucel.


Cellular growth must continue strong in 2008 with the implantation of 3G, numbering portability and with the entrance of Oi in São Paulo and Vivo in the Northeast. Brazil must end 2008 with density superior to 70 cell phones per 100 inhabitants.


You could ask :

  • With how many cell phones Will Brazil end 2007?
  • What will be cellular growth in 2008?
  • What's the impact of 3G in the growth of cell phones in Brazil?
  • And what about numbering portability?
  • Will the promotions of subsidized devices continue?






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