Is Claro going to surpass Tim in 2008?


Brazil started 2008 with a new climate in the cellular telephony:





Vivo consolidated itself in the leadership by buying Telemig Celular and leaded the market in net adds in December. the operator might reach national coverage in this year after entering in operation on the Northeast and keeping with its migration to GSM what already represented 37.6% of Vivo's cellulars in Dec/07.


The big competition of the year may be between Tim and Claro, for the second collocation in the market share ranking in Brazil.


Teleco provided forecasts for 2008 with net adds of 20 million cellulars in Brazil, this number is close to what was presented in 2007. In this climate, if kept the trends of 2007, the most likely is that Tim will finish 2008 in front Claro.




These trends might be, however, reverted with:

  • Claro's entrance in the North Region of Brazil. Tim ended the 2007 with 2.3 million cellulars in these regions.
  • Cellular net adds in Brazil in 2008 superior than 20 million forecasted by Teleco. In this climate, Claro could decrease faster its difference in relation to Tim by having a bigger share of net adds
  • A more accelerated implementation of Claro's 3G nets.

You could ask:

  • Will Claro overcome Tim in 2008?
  • How Oi's entrance in São Paulo will affect this climate?
  • What operator will be the most beneficiary by number portability?



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