What were the broadband leaders in Brazil in 2007?

  • Telefonica reached 27% in market share of accesses.
  • Net counted net adds of 561 thousand broadband accesses in the year.
  • Brasil Telecom (BrT) supplies with broadband 25.7% of the Brazilian cities.


Market Share in 2007



Note: Net includes Vivax.


Telefonia kept the leadership in 2007 counting 2,053 thousand broadband accesses and Market Share of 26.6.


Telefonica, Brasil Telecom (BrT) and Oi lost market share in 2007. On the other hand, Net leaded in net adds.



Growth in 2007


Note: Net includes Vivax.


Net leaded net adds growth in 2006 and 2007. If repeated these results in 2008, Net might surpass Oi and BrT and reach the second position in the market share ranking.



Coverage in 2007


Brasil Telecom covers biggest number of cities with broadband access (26.2% of Brazilian cities).



% Cities
Brasil Telecom (BrT)


The fixed telephony operators cover 43.1% of Brazilian cities and the MMDS/Cable TV operators are responsible for 1.5%. There are still 1,761 broadband suppliers. They operate in 74.2% of Brazilian cities.



Broadband Access in 2007


Brazil ended 2007 counting 7.7 million broadband accesses, according to Teleco's estimative.




The total of broadband accesses grew 36.5% in 2007 reaching net adds of 2 million accesses. The broadband accesses of Pay TV operators grew 46.1%, more than the ADSL fixed telephony operators, that grew 28.8%.


Teleco, and also five associations representing broadband suppliers to Internet access, carried out a search that counted with 405 broadband suppliers in Brazil. Based on this search and on information from other suppliers, Teleco estimated in 375 thousands the quantity of other suppliers' accesses in 2007.


This total doesn't include: IP dedicated connections (corporative market), accesses by satellite (21 thousand in 2007) and mobile broadband accesses supplied by cellular operators (Vivo had 400 thousand in 2007).


Despite the participation of broadband access in domiciles, that got access to internet, had increased from 40% to 50% in 2207 (TIC Domiciles 2007), the density of broadband accesses is still very low (4.1 accesses/100 inhab.). It's one of the lowest density of all the 30 OECDE countries, besides Mexico has 4.6 accesses per 100 inhabitants.


The five OECDE countries with biggest densities have more than 30 broadband accesses per 100 inhabitants.


Source: OECDE and Teleco.


You could ask:

  • Who will lead broadband growth in Brazil in 2008?
  • Will Net surpass Oi and BrT?
  • What will be the broadband growth in Brazil in 2008? What can accelerate this growth?
  • How mobile broadband will affect this climate?



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