Where is the strongest competition for the cell phone leadership in Brazil?


Vivo is the leader operator in cell phone share market in Brazil (30.1%) with 5 percentage points of advantage in comparison with the second in the ranking, Claro.


This picture doesn't happen, however, in all the Brazilian States and Local Areas.


The following table presents the quantity of Federation Units (UF) and Local Areas (DDD - Area Codes) with its the leader operator.



Leader in:
Federation Units (UF)
Local Area (Area Code)



Claro is the leader in lesser Federation Units (3) and local areas (9) than Tim and Oi, despite being the second in market share and having surpassed Tim in Aug/08 (more details).


In Aug/08, Vivo lost the leadership in Minas Gerais to Oi and in the Local Area 62 (Goiânia) to Claro. In this month, the competition for the leadership in market share was stronger in 4 Federation Units (MG, GO, RN and PI) and 2 Local Areas (Area Codes 62 and 73).




In the following, there's presentation of a brief commentary about the competition in each one of this areas.



Minas Gerais: Oi x Vivo (Telemig)




The competition for the leadership in Minas Gerais is one of the toughest. Telemig (Vivo) had lost this leadership to Tim in Sept/07 and regained it in May/08 after being incorporated by Vivo. The company was, however, small in comparison to Vivo (29.13%) and a reverse can't be dismissed for the next months.




Goiás: Vivo x Claro



Vivo's historic leadership (Band A - first operator to get into the market) in Goiás is been finally threatened by Claro (Band B - second operator to get into the market). Vivo finished Aug/08 holding a market share of 32,60% against 32.19% of Claro.


In Aug/08, Claro overcame Vivo in Goiânia Local Area (62).





Rio Grande do Norte: Oi x Tim





In Rio Grande do Norte, Oi took the leadership from Tim (Band A) in Mar/08 and is consolidating itself in the first position.


Vivo is out of this competition because it doesn't operate in some of the Northeastern States as Rio Grande do Norte and Piauí.




Piauí: Tim x Claro X Oi




In Piauí, the competition is balanced between Tim (33.56%), Claro (33.28%) and Oi (33.17). So, it's a difficult market for Vivo's entrance and get significative market share.




South of Bahia (Area Code 73) Vivo x Oi



Among all Local Areas (same Area Code), the strongest competition in Aug/08 was taking place in the South of Bahia with Vivo (30.35%) and Oi (30.01%). Note that Tim (Band B) is out of this competition, holding 15.1%, while Claro has 24.5%.



You could ask:

  • Why are there so many regional differences?
  • Why is the competition strong in these States?
  • How will be the competition in the State of São Paulo after the entrances of "aeiou" and Oi, where Vivo holds 39.8%, Claro 34.3% and Tim 25.8%?
  • What about Area Code 11 (São Paulo Metropolitan area), where Vivo holds 40%, Claro 30.3% and Tim 29.8%?



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