Oi's entrance in São Paulo leads to cellular record growth in Oct/08



Oi reached in few days a market share of 3.5%. Tim took 6 months to get 2.2% of market share in São Paulo when it started operating in the State (more details).



Oi's growth represented additional to the net adds gotten by other operators in Sep/08.



The group of these operators (Vivo, Claro, Tim CTBC and aeiou) presented in Oct/08 net adds of 695 thousand cellulars in São Paulo, this number was very close to what was presented in Sep/08 (666 thousand cellulars).


Thousands Sep/08 Oct/08
Area Code Main City Total without Oi Total without Oi Oi Total
11 São Paulo 375 377 950 1,327
12 S. José dos Campos 33 33 60 93
13 Santos 26 27 43 69
14 Bauru 31 35 22 57
15 Sorocaba 30 27 15 42
16 Ribeirão Preto 38 34 51 86
17 S. J. do Pio Preto 23 26 24 51
18 Presidente Prudente 24 23 17 40
19 Campinas 87 113 58 171
SP - 666 695 1,241 1,936


So, Oi's entrance accelerated cellular growth in the State of São Paulo and consequently in the country.


In Oct/08, cellular growth in São Paulo (5.7%) and in SP 11 (6.9%) surpassed the average in Brazil (2.9%), it was the opposite of what was happening in the last two quarters, when the State reached the Brazilian average.



By this result, São Paulo surpassed Goiás and became the 5th State in density (84.17 cell/100 inhab). SP 11 (metropolitan region) reached density of 93.49 cell/100 inhab., climbed from 11th to 7th position among the cities


The entrance of Oi in São Paulo also affected the cellular growth in Brazil with October presenting a record growth of 4 million cellulars, against 1.9 million in Oct/07. The net adds in the last 12 months already count 30.1 million cellulars, what confirms Teleco's forecasts that Brazil will finish 2008 counting more than 150 million cellulars.


You could ask:

  • Will Oi repeat in the next months the growth it got in São Paulo in Oct/08?
  • Will number portability help Oi?
  • What will cellular growth in November and December of 2008?



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