Vivo leads mobile growth for the 3rd consecutive month

By Eduardo Tude


Vivo conquered, for the 3rd consecutive month the leadership in mobile net adds closing Nov/09 with more than 50 million mobile accesses and 29.6% of market share.



By this result, Vivo accumulated net adds of 5.3 million mobile accesses in 2009 and is close to surpass the leader Oi which had net adds of 5.5 million mobile accesses from Jan to Nov/09. December is favorable to operators who subsidize cell phones such as Vivo and Claro (more details).



Vivo's performance in the second semester of 2009 is superior than the performance presented in the second semester of 2008, unlike what is happening with Claro and Oi.




Vivo is likely to close 2009 as the net adds leader. Churn, less than what was presented by other operators, is one of Vivo's advantages in order to conquer this leadership (more details).


Oi, which led growth in the 1st semester of 2009, is presenting low growth in its region of origin (Region I) and in BrT's former region (Region II) (more details). The company continues to lead, however, the growth in São Paulo (Region III), finishing November with 11.5% of market share.


Claro is likely to close the year in the third position in net adds, but the company is signaling a more aggressive attitude in 2010. Claro grew in 2009 though it posed no threat to Vivo (more details).


For Tim, it's still missing net adds of 1.7 million mobile accesses, to be conquered in Dec/09 in order to reach the target of closing 2009 with 42 million cell phones (more details).


Cell phone promotions are aggressive in the end of this year, showing the disposition of all operators to fight for the growth of their clients base.


You could ask:

  • Which company will lead mobile growth in Christmas? What about 2009?
  • Will Vivo overcome Oi in net adds in 2009?
  • Until when will Oi continue to lead mobile growth in São Paulo?
  • Will Tim reach its target and close the year with 42 million mobile accesses?


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