Fight between Tim and Claro for the second position in market share drives to record growth in October


Brazil ended October/2010 with 194.4 million mobile accesses and its density was higher than 100 cell./100 inhab., as forecasted by Teleco (more details).


The record growth registered in the month with net adds of 2,967 thousand cellulars, the biggest in the year overtaking May (2,945 thousand), was decisive to reach this density in October.





This result was promoted by the fight between Tim and Claro for the second position in mobile market share ranking in Brazil. The difference between these operators, which reached 3.2 million mobile accesses in April, fell to 1.8 million in September/2010. In October, Claro's reaction remained stable.





In fact, Tim led net adds in October, even though having an advantage of only 53 thousand mobile accesses over Claro. Tim and Claro were responsible by the net adds of Oct/10 (3.0 millions) which were superior if compared with Oct/09 (1.9 millions).





With the strong growth presented over the last 3 months, Tim overtook Vivo in nets adds accumulated along the year.





By this result, Brazil accumulates net adds of 20.5 million mobile accesses along the year and 26.4 million over the last 12 months. Teleco's projections that pointed net adds of 26 million cellulars may be surpassed due to the competition between Claro and Tim.


You could ask:

  • Who will be the net adds leader in the year?
  • Will Tim overtake Claro in mobile market share?
  • Will Brazilian mobile net adds in 2010 be bigger than the 26 million projected by Teleco?
  • In 2010, will Oi resume growth to the same pace as others operators?


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