Until when will mobile operators' voice revenue continue to increase?


Vivo (63.0%) and Oi (41.7%) presented the biggest growth in data revenue in 2010.



Note: Claro doesn't publish its growth in voice revenue.



The growth of voice revenue was less significative, being led by Oi (13.9%) and TIM (6.4%).


Oi's performance is associated to the growth of 33.8% in its cellular base in S ão Paulo, region where the average revenue by user (ARPU) is bigger. Oi ended 2010 with 7.2 million mobile accesses inside this state being 89.6% of them prepaid.


In 2010, Tim's strategy for increasing revenue was focused in voice. Tim was the operator to have the biggest growth in its cellular base in 2010 (24.1%), but stayed behind Oi and Vivo in revenue growth.





Vivo is focusing on growing data revenue with investments in 3G. Vivo's data gross revenue increased 63% in 2010, reaching R$ 4.9 billion and representing 21.5 % of the company's service gross revenue in the year, against 12.8% gotten by TIM and 11.2% by Oi.





Oi and Vivo improved their ARPU along the year.





In 2010, Claro went through a year of administrative transition, presenting low growth in total revenue (2.2%) and the smallest growth in data revenue (18.2%) if compared with other operators. The result was the fall in ARPU.


The image below presents mobile accesses and the revenue of the main carriers in Brazil in 2010.





You could ask:

  • Until when will cellular voice revenue continue to increase in Brazil?
  • Will TIM and Claro focus on increasing data revenue in 2011, like Vivo did in 2010?
  • Will Oi continue to grow only inside the state of São Paulo?
  • Is it possible to accelerate the growth of data revenue without increasing the investments in?


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