Oi and Claro turn the table in February


Cellular growth in Brazil remains strong in 2011, with net adds of 2.2 million mobile accesses in January and 2.4 million in February, accumulating 4.6 million net adds in the last two months. It was 64% bigger if compared with the same period of 2010.


February marked a reversion in the trends presented along the previous months, with Oi leading the growth in the month holding 35.5% of the total of net adds and Claro increasing more than TIM.





TIM, which led mobile growth for 6 months in a row, stayed in 4th position with 17.3% od the net adds of the month. By this result, the distance which separates it from Claro grew to 627 thousand mobile accesses.





The results registered in February set four mobile operators in position of equilibrium in the competition for the net adds leadership in 2011 inside de Brazilian market.



Claro leads the net adds accumulated in the year (1,221 thousand) almost tied with TIM (1,204 thousand). The winner of this competition will conquer the 2nd position in mobile market share in Brazil.


With the reaction presented in February, Oi reached 1,051 thousand accesses as net adds in the year. The company continues to lead growth in Region III (São Paulo) but need to repeat, in the following months, the performance presented in Region I and so recover the market share lost in 2010.





Inside Region I, Oi's net adds were negative in Jan/11 (-115 thousand), but the carrier made up for this loss with a record growth in Feb/11 (598 thousand).


Oi and TIM leads prepaid in 2011.





Claro and Vivo lead postpaid.





You could ask:

  • Which operators will lead mobile growth in 2011?
  • Will TIM and lead mobile growth in 2011, since they focus prepaid?
  • Will Vivo and Claro keep focusing postpaid or will they compete in the prepaid market in a more aggressively way?
  • Will TIM overtake Claro in mobile market share?
  • Which company will lead revenue and margin?



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