Tim surpasses Claro and reaches the 2nd position in Brazilian market share


TIM led cellular growth in Jun/11 with net adds of 1,287 thousand mobile accesses, followed by Vivo (1,017 thousand) and by (668 thousand).


By this result TIM overtook Claro and reached the second position in Brazilian market share with 25.78%, against 25.51% from Claro.


This is another competition chapter for the second position in m. share which began in 2003 with GVT breaking into the Brazilian market. TIM was in advantage by the implementation of a GSM network with national coverage and surpassed Claro in the beginning of 2005.





In 2008, Claro recovered the position after reaching national coverage and got the first steps into the 3G implementation in Brazil (more details).


TIM's recovery happened in 2010 with the INFINITY Plan reducing the difference that separated the carrier from Claro from 3.3 million mobile accesses in Dec/09 to 610 thousand accesses in Dec/10.





Claro showed reaction in 2011, launching an equal plan. Even so, Claro wasn't able to avoid been overtaken. TIM overtook Claro in 610 thousand cellulars in Jul/11.


TIM is likely to consolidate itself in the second position in Brazilian market share in the next months, but the competition these two operators will continue and Claro can surpass TIM again in the future.


TIM is going through a good moment, with innovative plans like INFINITY, charging R$ 0.25 by on net call or long distance, or data access or SMS for R$ 0.50 by day. The company strengthened its brand and is growing more than the other operators.


In Jul/11, TIM led (for the fourth consecutive month) prepaid net adds, reducing the distance that separates it from Vivo to 1.9 million mobile accesses inside this segment. Kept the current trends TIM will overtake Vivo in prepaid market share until the end of 2011. In August, Vivo came up with a reaction through a promotion charging R$ 0.05 by minute for on net local or long distance calls.





In Jul/11, TIM improved also its performance in postpaid segment with the second position in net adds what happened for the last time in Jun/10. Besides TIM conquered the leadership in data terminals net adds, with 121 thousand terminals, the same quantity gotten in 2Q11.


You could ask:

  • Will TIM consolidate itself in the second position in cellular market share?
  • Will Claro overtake TIM again in the future? When?
  • Will TIM surpass Vivo in prepaid market share in 2011?
  • Which operator will lead cellular growth in 2011?
  • Will TIM remains competitive, considering that in this period we have Vivo's consolidation with Telefonica and Claro with Embratel?



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