Vivo leads cellular growth in October


By Jose Luis de Souza


Vivo led cellular growth in October overtaking TIM that was the leader in the last four months.





More than inside the postpaid segment, in which Vivo led net adds in all the months of the year, the leadership in prepaid net adds is important. Vivo inverted the trend that pointed that the carrier could lose market share leadership inside this segment to TIM and Vivo's difference over TIM, which had dropped to 1.1 million cellulars in September, grew again to 1.6 million in October.





Vivo's leadership in net adds (in October) is a result of a more aggressive behavior that in August launched the plan VIVO Sempre, with on-net local and long distance calls for R$ 0.05 by minute and recently a special promotion for prepaid in the Northeast of Brazil with unlimited calls and messages for R$ 7,50 by month.


The drop of TIM's share in the total net adds can sign that the advantage gotten by the operator (through Infinity plan) is ending, once other operators are offering similar plans.





TIM continues to lead cellular net adds in the year, but can be overtaken by Vivo. It will depend on operators' performances in December, Christmas month that holds the biggest growth of the year, when the handsets offers are very important in net adds.





Claro and Oi are ou of this competition, but both have presented significative net adds. Oi's growth continues to be bigger inside Region I, where got 67% of its net adds in the month. However, the operator resumed growth in other regions.


Fierce competition between operators drove to a new record in net adds, registered in October (4.3 million cellulars). Net adds gotten along the year already reached 28.7 million mobile accesses (37.2 million over the last 12 months).


The projection, made by Teleco in the beginning of the year, which point out net adds of 30 million cellulars for Brazil in 2011, might be overtaken in November and total net adds in 2011 can surpass 40 million mobile accesses.


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  • Will Oi reach Claro's net adds in 2011?




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