Telefônica, TIM, GVT and SKY lead Telecom in Brazil in 3Q11


By Eduardo Tude and Debora Vieira




Telefônica is the main telecommunication group in Brazil in net revenue and number of accesses. TIM was first in net adds and SKY led revenue growth. GVT has the biggest EBITDA margin, leading profitability.



Indicators in 3Q11
Net Adds
Net Revenue
Revenue Growth
Profitability (EBITDA Margin)



In the first quarter of 2011, Teleco started to keep track of the performance gotten by telecom Groups in Brazil through indicators. In the quarter, the growth indicator was shared into accesses net adds and revenue growth.


The following shows the results gotten for each one of these indicators in 3Q11.




Number of Accesses: Telefônica is the leader


Brazil ended 3Q11 counting 302 million accesses, 42.7 million of them were fixed telephones,  227.4 million were cellulars,  16.0  million fixed broadband accesses, 11.9 million pay TV subscribers and 3.9 million SME accesses (Nextel).


Telefônica Group leads in Total accesses, or Revenue Generating Units (RGU)





América Móvil Group is the second, after overtaking Oi in 3Q10.


Vivo is the cellular market share leader, Oi leads in fixed telephony m. share and fixed broadband and América Móvil (Claro, Embratel and Net) in pay TV.






Net Adds in 3Q11: TIM is the leader


TIM's good performance in mobile telephony assured the leadership in net adds in the quarter.





América Móvil Group reached the second position due to its performance in pay TV, once Claro stayed behind Vivo in net adds in 3Q11.



Net Revenue: Telefonica leads net revenue


Telefônica is the main telecom group in Brazil in revenue holding R$ 8.3 billion in 3Q11, from a total of nearly R$ 31 billion registered by the operators in Brazil.



Note: Groups' net revenue consider revenue eliminations among the companies owned by the group. Sky's revenue was estimated by Teleco.



América Móvil Group (Claro, Embratel and Net) overtook Oi's in net revenue in 1Q11 and consolidated itself in this position in 3Q11.





The main four telecom groups in Brazil answered for 86.7% of the telecom net revenue of Brazil in 3Q11.



Revenue Growth: SKY leads


SKY leads revenue growth in 3Q11 over 3Q10. The competition with Embratel in DTH segment drove to 48% growth in Sky's number of accesses in the period. Sky's revenue and its growth were estimated by Teleco based on the results gotten by the company in Latin America.





Nextel stayed in the second position (44%) followed by GVT (38%). The smaller groups tend to take advantage in this indicator. Oi's group was the only one to present negative growth in revenue (-5.5%).



Profitability: GVT leads EBITDA Margin


GVT kept the leadership in EBITDA margin and Oi reached the second position after having overtaken Telefônica. All the groups presented redution in EBITDA margin in comparison with the previous quarter.





Telefônica showed the biggest profit (R$ 1.3 billion) among the operators that publish this indicator.



R$ Million

*Claro doesn't release this data



You could ask:

  • Will Telefônica remain as the biggest Telecom Group in Brazil in 2012?
  • Will Oi recover the second position in revenue and accesses in 2012?
  • Which company will be the lead net adds in 4Q11?
  • Will GVT keep the leadership in profitability in 2012?
  • What changes in 2012 after the liberation of cable TV authorizations?




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