Only Broadband is growing among fixed services (Jan-Aug/16)


The broadband was the only fixed service that registered growth from January to August 2016, when compared with equal period of 2015. Pay TV and fixe telephony presented negative growth in this period.





Fixed Broadband


In fixed broadband the biggest growth didn't occur among the market leaders (Vivo, Claro and Oi) but in the group of other operators that answer for 16% of the accesses.





Oi, third in market share (24.1%), presented growth of +0.4% in the year, improving its performance in relation to the previous year (-1.8%). Claro and Vivo presented reduction in the growth rate in 2016 (Jan-Aug).



Pay TV


Pay TV has presented negative growth in 2016. The economic crisis makes the lower income subscribers cut expenditures, causing impact mainly over accesses via satellite (DTH). The losses weren't bigger due to the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 which stimulated people to hire the service.


The market leaders Claro (52.7%) and Sky (28.2%) continued to show negative growth in 2016 (Jan-Aug).





Vivo, which had led growth in 2015 (Jan-Aug), started to lose subscribers in 2016 (Jan-Aug). Oi, on the other hand, presented positive growth (6.3%) in 2016 (Jan-Aug) very different from what was registered in the same period of 2015 (-9.4%).



Fixed Telephony


Fixed telephony was the service having the worst performance. The main operators presented negative growth in 2016 (Jan-Aug).





Oi presented the biggest losses with negative growth of 6.4% in 2016 (Jan-Aug).



You could ask:

  • Was the economic crisis the main responsible by pay TV and fixed telephony negative growth?
  • Why was there smaller impact in the growth of fixed broadband?
  • When will these services resume growth?
  • Could there be bigger growth in fixed broadband from January to August?



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