In this page: Accompaniment of the Telecommunication Sectorial Index of São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) and shares.

Commentary: Itel in 2010

In 2010 Itel presented variation of 15.59%, IBovespa's (17.94%) and IEE's 19.72%. Itel ended the year with 1,670 points, it have reached the maximium 1,898 on May 24th and the minimum of 1,470 on Jan 3rd.




Consult: Market Value and Profit of the operators shares


ITEL: Telecommunications Sectorial Index of BOVESPA


Week's data:


ITEL 27/4 30/4 2/5 3/5 4/5
Closing 2047 2059 2037 2004 1978


Closing Evolution

Referring data to the day 4 of Maio



In a week In a month In a year
ITEL -3,4% +5,5% +14,7%
IBOVESPA -1,4% -4,3% -4,4%
IEE* +0,7% +1,7% +22,7%

* Index to Eletric Energies Companies


ITEL Closing in the year


Maximum 2059 30 of Abril
Minimum 1616 10 of Fevereiro



What's ITEL?


BOVESPA publishes the Telecommunications Sectorial Index (ITEL) that has as main goal to offer a segmented vision of the shareholding market, measuring the behavior of the telecommunications sector. ITEL is composed by the companies of telecommunication sector (including fixed and cellular telephony), in which the market value is evaluated depending on market shares in circulation.

According to recent experiences of international index, BOVESPA decided to adopt for ITEL calculate the evaluation by "free float" ( shares quantity in circulation), are excluded share calculation from the controllers. Beyond these characteristic, BOVESPA established a capitalization limit of 20% to each company. It was adopted to avoid that a company with high market value have a significant performance on the index evolution, what is not good to the others. ITEL was previous fixed as a 1.000 points base on December 30th of 1999.

Are excluded shares index that attend the following criteria:

  • participation in terms of financial volume superior to 0.01% of market volume (lote-padrão) of BOVESPA in the last twelve months;
  • participation in terms of presence in proclamation superior to 80% in the last twelve months;
  • Minimum value of "free float" R$ 20 million.

The same company can have more than one share (ordinary ou other kind of preferring) participating of the index, since each share attend the criteria of inclusion. One share will be excluded if don't attend the criteria of inclusion. A share will be excluded when exclude some of the inclusion criteria.



ITEL from January to APril 2012

(Click in the company to get information about it)



Companies Shares (Group) Type*
Qtd. Teorical (1)
ON 15,968,510 2.947
PN 99,287,393 17.053
ON 13,250,621 4.489
PN 55,954,464 15.511
PNA 28,292,066 20.000
ON 2,648,216 1.976
PN 22,241,292 18.024
ON NM 137,112,415 20.000
Quantity Theorical
Reductor --


(*) Cotation per lote thousand shares

(1) Teorical Quantity valid to the period of wallets vigency, leading to alterations only in case of distribution of things (dividendo, promotion and subscription) by companies.

(2) Relative participation of wallets shares, published to the opening of business in the quarter, can be changed according to the evolutions of prices of these papers.

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