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Summary of Brazilian Telecom Legal System


This tutorial presents a general overview of the Brazilian Telecom Legal Structure and addresses the following items: General Telecommunications Law (LGT), Regulatory Agency – Anatel, Main Services, Radio-Frequency Spectrum, Satellite and Equipment Certification. The final section summarizes the main legal regulations, divided by subject. 



José Barbosa Mello


Master of Sciences (Stanford 1974) 

Mechanical Engineer (EPUC-RJ 1966) 


José Barbosa Mello is a shareholder and director of Teleco, a leading telecommunications information site and a benchmark for that market in Brazil. He is currently chairman of the Board of Pointer Networks (Vex), the major wi-fi service provider in Brazil and board member of other telecom companies. 


He is chairman of the Information Technology and Telecommunications Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Sào Paulo. 


José Barbosa Mello implemented the Pegasus Telecom Project starting in 1998. He was the first company’ CEO and later COO and Strategic Planning and Partnerships’ Vice President. Pegasus built an urban and long distance 6500 km fiber optic infrastructure in the South and Mid-West of Brazil and to serve more of 20 markets in this region with a state-of-the-art data communications network. In December 2002, the company was sold for US$ 200 million and he left the company. 


Previously, he worked for the Odebrecht Group telecommunications business unit as General Manager for Avantel, a consortium (Odebrecht, Airtouch-Vodaphone, Unibanco and Camargo Correa) bidding for a cellular band B license. He was also general manager of Prolan, a corporate data networking company. 


His former experience includes construction engineering and banking. He was the founder and director of Banco Goldmine and director of Veplan Residencia and EBE - Empresa Brasileira de Engenharia. 





Silvia Regina Barbuy Melchior


Attorney at law graduated by Universidade de São Paulo in 1990, with a degree in Contractual Law. 


Since 1995, she has been working in Telecom, especially in Regulatory issues having participated in the Brazilian Telecommunications Sector Privatization process.  


During this period she has been involved in several telecom commercial and infrastructure construction and systems integration legal matters. She recently published two works sponsored by Amcham – American Chamber of Commerce, both dealing with telecom infrastructure issues.  


The first one discusses Mobile Telephony Radio Base Stations and the second one Underground and Aerial cable installations. 


Category: Regulatory Issues
Level: Introductory Focus: Regulatory
Estimated time: 20 minutes Published: 9/29/2003




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