The sale of cellulars 3G will surpass the sale of cellulars 2G in 2009



3G Advices: Strategy Analytics Average (january 2006) and Yankee Group (march 2006) – cellulars estimates

Computers and notebooks: IDC PC Data Tracker, June 2006

Other datas: Strategy Analytics, 2005 and 2006


In Europe, the number of WCDMA subscribers increases really fast


Source: Strategy Analytics Average, June 2006


Most of the subscribers in Europe are WCDMA


Source: Information WCIS – 2Q06


News about 3G


QUALCOMM and Motorola help with the development of UMTS cell phones:

The companies extend the relations beyond CDMA2000 technology

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Sprint Launches Nation's First EV-DO Revision A Mobile Broadband Network

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Mobile broadband provides bright outlook for Brazil's mobile operators

Addressing delegates at this week's Futurecom event, UMTS Forum Jean-Pierre Bienaimé urged Brazil's operators to actively embrace the opportunities offered by 3G/UMTS.

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QUALCOMM presents the first solutions UMTS and HSDPA the only chip of the industry

The solutions joint functions of base band, radio frequency and energy management to reduce costs, energy consumption and size

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200 million cell phones with QUALCOMM' GPS

The solution gpsOne® of QUALCOMM offers day-by-day resources that covers since traffic informations closer to you or keep you in contact with a friend

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