4G: 4th Cellular Generation in Brazil


In this page: Frequencies, operators, auction process and the implementation of networks by carriers.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the main pattern in the world and the one that will be adopted by all the operators in Brazil in the future.


Anatel projects an frequency auction on June 9th 2012, in 2500/2600 MHz for the implementation of 4G networks in Brazil.



Frequencies of 700 MHz in Brazil


Brazilian Communication Minitry published the portaria 14 of 02/06/2013 that sets lines to accelerate the process of transition from analogic TV to digital TV in Brazil and determines that Anatel start to make studies to turn available the bands from 698 MHz to 806 MHz for 4G. (more details - in Portuguese)


Anatel's next steps will be the revision of frequency channels and formulation of the auction rules that are likely to go through public consultation.



Frequencies of 2.5 GHz in Brazil


The best frequency to implement 4G is 700 MHz, liberated by the transition of analogic TV to digital. In Brazil it may happen in 2016.


Anatel reserved for 4G (Res. 544 of 08/11//2010) the frequency band from 2,500 MHz to 2,690 MHz previously reserved to MMDS.





The table below shows the sub-bands in 2,500 MHz and 2,600 MHz assigned by Anatel to the implementation of 4G.


Subband (MHz) Band Width (MHz) Transmission from Operator
Mobile Station Cell Site
P 10+10 2.500-2.510 2.620-2.630 Claro (11 lots); TIM (6 lots); Oi (11 lots)
W 20+20 2.510-2.530 2.630-2.650 Claro
V1 10+10 2.530-2.540 2.650-2.660 TIM
V2 10+10 2.540-2.550 2.660-2.670 Oi
X 20+20 2.550-2.570 2.670-2.690 Vivo
T 15 2.570-2.585* -
U 35 2.585-2.620* Sky and Sunrise (12 lots each)

* TDD System (Time Division Duplex) that use the same frenquency sub-band for transmission in two directions.


The regulation established a maximum value for the spectrum that a operator can have in one geographic region in theses bands (Cap): 60 MHz (2,500-2,570 MHz and 2,620-2,690 MHz) or 50 Mhz (2,570 and 2,620 MHz).


MMDS operators have parte of this spectrum. Among them is Telefônica, which acquired operations from Abril and Sky which in 2011 started to offer LTE (TDD) in Brasília.




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