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In this page: It presents band in 850 and 900 MHz, former bands A and B used by GSM technology.


Frequencies in 850 MHz and 900 MHz




Frequencies (MHz) Transmission of
Mobile Site Cell Site
Sub-band A** 824-835
Sub-band B** 835-845
Sub-band D 910-912,5
Sub-band E 912,5-915
Extension Sub-bands 898,5-901*


* Won't be authorized to operators of SMP operating in the Bands D and E. All the operators of Band D and E also acquired frequency bands in 900 MHz placed to their Band.

** Allows analogical systems (AMPS) in the Bands A and B untill 06/30/2008.



Extension Sub-bands in 900 MHz


Extension sub-bands in 900 MHz were divided into 2 extension blocks as presented in the table below:



Frequancy Extension Blocks (MHz) Transmission of
Mobile Site Cell Site
1 898,5 to 901 943,5 to 946
2 907,5 to 910 952,5 to 955



Sub-bands acquired by Operators



SMC Area Frequency Bands in 900 Mhz 1 2
1 São Paulo 11 Oi Claro
2 São Paulo Interior - Claro
Franca (1) Claro Algar
3 Rio de Janeiro - Claro
Espírito Santo - Claro
4 Minas Gerais Tim Vivo (Telemig)
Uberaba (2) Tim Algar
5 Paraná/Santa Catarina Vacant Tim
Londrina (3) Claro Sercomtel
6 Rio Grande do Sul - Claro
Pelotas (4) Tim Claro
7 Middle West - Claro
Mato Grosso do Sul sector 22 (5) Claro Algar
Goiás sector 25 (5) Claro Algar
8 North - Amazônia (7)
9 Bahia/Sergipe Vacant Tim
10 Northeast Claro Tim

Note: São Paulo Interior excludes Franca (1), Minas Gerais excludes Uberlândia (2), Paraná/Santa Catarina excludes Londrina (3), Rio Grande do Sul excludes Petolas (4) e Middle West excludes (5)


-: Lots whose winners were not approved by Anatel in auction for SMP leftovers.


Vacant: Vacant, didn't receive proposals in the last auction for SMP leftovers.



Use of Bands A and B (850 MHz) for 3G


Mobile operators with frequencies in the 800 MHz band (Bands A and B) can use these frequencies to deploy UMTS 3G (WCDMA/HSDPA) systems. This band is being used by carriers in the United States such as AT&T to deploy their WCDMA/HSDPA network.


Claro and Tim have leftovers in 850 MHz spectrum as their customers have migrated to GSM and are using the 900 and 1800 MHz extension bands (more details). Vivo, Telemig and Claro deployed their 3G networks at 850 MHz.



Operators in Bands A and B (850 MHz) in Brazil


SMC Area Band A Band B
1 and 2 (São Paulo) Vivo Claro
3 (Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo) Vivo Claro
4 (Minas Gerais) Telemig TIM
5 (Paraná, Santa Catarina) TIM Vivo
6 (Rio Grande do Sul) Vivo Claro
7 (Middle West)
8 (Amazônia) Claro Vivo
9 (Bahia, Sergipe) Vivo TIM
10 (Northeast) TIM Claro



Telemig and Claro could have been put in operation earlier


Claro and Telemig had to wait for Anatel's authorization to enter into operation. Anatel claimed that it would first be necessary to repeal Res. 227 of June 2000 which allocates frequency bands for the implementation of IMT-2000 (3G). Note that this resolution didn't prevent the activation of EVDO from Vivo which is also IMT-2000.


Anatel has placed in public consultation a proposal to revoke resolution 227, removing doubts about the possibility of using the 850 MHz band for 3G. In Apr/08 the resolution was revoked.


Anatel announced on 10/31/07 that 3G technologies may be used in all bands for Personal Mobile Service (SMP).





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