General Annual
Mobile Accesses Quarter

Inside this page: Sky's results in Brazil and the process of merger between SKY and DirecTV.

Annual Result


Operational Performance


Thousands 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 ∆Year
Pay TV Subscribers 5,444 5,249 5,359 5,282 4,691 4,517 (3.7%)
Broadband Subscribers 264 310 365 356 239 198 (17.3%)



Financial Economic Performance


Million R$ 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 ∆Year
Net Revenue* 9,294 8,840 9,130 8,943 8,137 8,465 4.0%

*Estimated by Teleco



SKY acquired in 2012, through the auction of 2.5 GHz frequencies for 4G, 12 lots of band U for R$ 90.5 million to amplify its offer of fixed wireless broadband (LTE).

In 2015, DirecTV, SKY's controler, was acquired by AT&T.

The table below shows the cities wherer SKY offers fixed broadband 4G (LTE - TDD).


Nov/15 Blumenau (SC)
Jul/15 Juiz de Fora (MG)
May/15 Santana (AP)
Apr/15 Santa Rita (PB)
Nov/14 Cerquilho, Tietê, Tatuí, Ibiúna and Boituva (SP)
Oct/14 Sorocaba and Bauru (state of São Paulo - SP)
Apr/14 Teresina (state of Piauí)
Apr/14 Fortaleza, São Luís and Camaçari
Feb/14 João Pessoal, Bayeux and Cabedelo, in Paraíba
Jan/14 Maceió and Rio Largo, in Alagoas
Aug/13 Franca (SP)
Dec/11 Distrito Federal



Until June 1st, 2015, Sky's broadband operated in 88 cities.

Sky purchased by DirecTV


In 08/25/2006 the joint venture of Sky with DirecTV was concluded. Sky Brasil, the new company after joint venture, is controlled by Grupo DirecTV (74%) and Globo (26%).


In Jun/10, Globo announced selling 19% of the capital share for DirecTV, operation approved by shareholders since 2004, reducing its stake in Sky to 7%.



Chronology of the Acquisition


In 10/11/04, a Globopar and DirecTV announced an agreement to the joint venture of DirecTV and Sky, in Brazil. The new company, even keeping the name Sky Brasil, will be controll by DirecTV ( 72%) keeping Globopar with 28% left. The management of Sky Brasil will be done by DirecTV ( commentary)


In 11/18/05, the operation received previous consent of Anatel and was sent to CADE with approval recommendation with restrict to probable impacts caused in the competition.


In 05/25/2006, CADE approved the joint venture of Sky with DirecTV putting some restrictions following presented:


In relation to the price's politics, CADE finished, for the stated period of 5 years, Sky practice iqual prices in the whole country to the channel packs, allowing local promotions for the maximum stated period of 90 days . The referred packs must be offered in the whole national.


CADE forbade, for the state period of 5 years, that the companies News Corporation Limited ( owner of Directv) and Hughes Eletornics Corporation, work, for the companies of Grupo News, in the supplier of audiovisual content, as well as the exclusiveness in the transmission of the main championships of Brasilian Soccer Championship, Brasil Cup, Libertadores das Américas and Campeonatos Estaduais de São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


Brazilian content, CADE obligated SKY:

Still obligates Grupo Globo to veet or determinate the conditions of transmission of programs or national audiovisual content of brazilian company, in the operations of Sky and determined that will be changed the contracts in a form which Sky can contract program or national audiovisual content of brazilian company, new or already existent, for most simple partners or shareholders.



Sky Brasil Serviços Ltda is a digital TV operator via satellite direct-to-home (DTH), It shareholders, before the joint venture with Directv, wer Globopar (54%), News Corporation (36%) and Libery Media Corporation (10%).








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