This section presents the comments published weekly by Teleco with analysis of the telecommunications market in Brazil.

: Eduardo Tude, José Luis De Sousa, Debora Vieira and Jose Barbosa.


Commentaries in english
09/21/15 Which operator is the most advanced in the transition voice to data in Brazil?
09/14/15 Voice is no longer the main telecom revenue in Brazil
09/10/15 Vivo and Claro are the mobile leaders by Technology
08/26/15 Telecom Leaders in Brazil (2Q15)
08/21/15 Mobile Leaders in 2Q15
08/05/15 Did the economic crisis affect Vivo/GVT's results in 2Q15?
07/24/15 The impact of the economic crisis in América Móvil's performance in Brazil in 1S15
07/24/15 Nextel's advance inside postpaid segment in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
07/20/15 Which company in growing in 2015?
07/07/15 Oi led mobile growth in May
06/24/15 The advance of 4G coverage in Brazil
06/18/15 The competition in local areas where postpaid can overtake prepaid
06/09/15 Is WhatsApp making Brazilian people talk less on the cell phone?
06/03/15 Telecom Leaders in Brazil in 1Q15
05/26/15 Vivo recovered market share in 2015
05/14/15 Mobile leaders in 1Q15
05/14/15 Oi x TIM: Which operator had the best performance in 1Q15?
05/05/15 Cell phone is becoming synonym of Smartphone
05/07/15 Did mobile operators change their growth strategy in 2015?
05/08/15 How to reduce mobile telephony cancellation rate in Brazil?
03/26/15 Oi's Turnaround
03/16/15 The year started with smaller growth in comparison with 2014
03/09/15 What changes in the position of the Telecom leaders by sale of GVT?
03/06/15 Vivo and Claro led mobile indicators in 2014
02/06/15 Embratel/Net led growth in broadband and Pay TV in 2014
02/0615 Mobile telephony had little growth in 2014, but presents transformation in its base
01/29/15 3G is already the main mobile technology in Brazil
01/21/15 Prepaid growth in 2014
01/07/15 Vivo leads mobile growth in the period from Jan-Nov/14
01/22/15 Claro leads mobile growth in October
12/02/14 Misconceptions of UIT's study about comparison of prices
11/28/14 Groups leaders in Telecom in Brazil in 3Q14
11/24/14 Vivo and Claro are leaders in the mobile indicators of 3Q14
11/10/14 TIM x Claro: Which company is having the best performance in 2014?
03/11/14 Vivo and Claro are mobile telephony leaders by technology
03/11/14 Will Brazil become the biggest operation for América Móvil?
10/21/14 Which company is having bigger growth in 2014?
10/20/14 Telecom will have smaller growth in 2014
10/09/14 Prepaid segment had bigger growth than postpaid in August
10/03/14 3G is already the main technology inside 18 Brazilian local areas
09/24/14 How to increase the number of internet users in Brazil?
09/18/14 Brazil with Net and GVT's broadband
09/10/14 Vivo and Claro lead mobile broadband in Brazil
09/19/14 Until when will Vivo continue to gain postpaid market share?
05/20/14 Vivo and Claro were mobile leaders in 1Q14
05/12/14 Vivo x TIM: Which operator is having the best performance?
05/05/14 Did Claro decide to focus on profitability in 2014?
04/22/14 Profitability of Telecom operators in Brazil in 2013
04/14/14 Telefônica/Vivo's performance in the last five years
04/08/14 Oi's performance in the last five years
03/28/14 Vivo and Claro lead Brazilian mobile broadband in 2013
03/17/14 Groups leading Telecommunications in Brazil in 2013
03/09/14 Vivo leads mobile net adds in Jan/14
03/09/14 Vivo, Claro and Oi are mobile leaders in 4Q13
03/06/14 América Móvil's performance in Brazil in 2013 and challenges for 2014
02/10/14 Smartphones are becoming the main access device
02/03/14 Claro was net adds leader in 2013
01/29/14 Internet of Things (M2M) in Brazil
01/17/14 How much will cellular market grow in 2014?
01/13/14 Pay TV and fixed broadband analyzed in the ten biggest Brazilian capital cities
01/09/14 What to follow in 2014
01/02/14 Like in 2012, performance of the sector was only regular in 2013
11/22/13 Which operator wil lead mobile telephony in Christmas?
12/16/13 Net is market share leader in fixed broadband in Brazil
12/06/13 Vivo and Claro lead Brazilian mobile broadband
12/02/13 Groups leading Brazilian Telecom in 3Q13
12/03/13 How will mobile telephony in Brazil close 2013?
12/04/13 Vivo, Claro and Oi are cellular leaders in 3Q13
10/28/13 Is prepaid also having a smaller growth in other Latin American countries?
10/25/13 Which carrier can threaten Vivo's leadership in postpaid?
10/07/13 Vivo leads mobile growth in Aug/13
09/30/13 Did Brazilian market reach saturation?
09/23/13 Competition in the five Brazilian capital cities having the biggest number of fixed broadband accesses
09/16/13 How to increase Telecom investments in Brazil?
09/09/13 Groups Telecom leaders in Brazil in 2Q13
09/02/13 What changed in mobile telephony in Jul/13?
08/27/13 TIM leads mobile sales (chips)
08/20/13 Vivo, Claro and TIM are mobile leaders in 2Q13
08/12/13 Competition in postpaid inside the ten biggest Brazilian local areas
08/09/13 What's the importance of Vivo and TIM for Telefônica and Telecom Itália?
07/29/13 América Móvil and Telefônica in the 1st Semester of 2013
07/23/13 Which operator had the best result in mobile market in the 1th semester of 2013?
07/16/13 Vivo and Claro continue to lead mobile broadband in Brazil
07/09/13 One year of low growth in Brazilian cellular market - Which operator has the best strategy?
07/03/13 Oi/PT Group
06/25/13 Cellular and Internet users in Brazil
06/18/13 Will Telecom revenue in Brazil continue to increase?
06/11/13 Competition for the market share leadership in fixed broadband
06/04/13 Will the participation of Prepaid resume growth in Brazil?
05/26/13 Vivo leads postpaid net adds
05/20/13 Groups leading Brazilian Telecom in 1Q13
05/13/13 Vivo and Claro are cellular leaders in 1Q13
05/03/13 Claro and Vivo are mobile broadband leaders in Brazil
04/23/13 Is Brazilian user migrating to postpaid?
04/19/13 Growth of Fixed Broadband Speed in Brazil
04/08/13 Is the profitability of Telecom operators in Brazil high?
04/01/13 When will data revenue surpass voice revenue in Brazil?
03/25/13 Are operators focusing in profitability instead of growth in this new cellular stage in Brazil?
03/18/13 How much will cellular grow in Brazil in 2013?
03/11/13 Groups leading Brazilian Telecom in 2012
03/04/13 Vivo and Claro are cellular leaders in 4T12
02/26/13 Claro leads total net adds in January and Vivo is first in postpaid
02/19/13 América Móvil's performance in Brazil during 2012 and challenges for 2013
02/13/13 TIM's performance in 2012 and challenges for 2013
02/04/13 Which provider led pay TV growth in 2012?
01/23/13 Which company will lead cellular growth in 2013?
01/23/13 Claro led Christmas which had the smallest net adds since 2002
01/15/13 Complaints registered by Anatel as indicator of services quality in 2012
01/07/13 What to monitor in 2013

Claro and Vivo are mobile broadband leaders in Brazil

12/11/12 Analizing 2012 so far: Postpaid had the double of net adds over prepaid in Jun-Oct/12
12/04/12 Groups leading Telecom in Brazil in te first nine months of 2012
11/27/12 Vivo cleaned prepaid base and gets negative net adds in October
11/20/12 Vivo and Oi are cellular leaders in 3Q12
11/13/12 Samsung overtakes Apple and consolidates itself as number 1 in smartphones in the world
11/05/12 TIM's performance was better than Claro's, in the previous quarters
10/31/12 What changes in operators strategy by the reduction of cellular growth rate in Brazil
10/30/12 Oi leads cellular growth in September
10/15/12 Who will purchase GVT?
10/15/12 New record of investments in Telecom in Brazil during 2012
10/01/12 Why is cellular having a smaller growth in 2012?
09/25/12 TIM continues to be unbeatable in Prepaid
09/17/12 Oi leads the postpaid growth in Brazil in 2012
09/13/12 GVT and Net lead in speed for Fixed Broadband
09/04/12 Claro leads mobile broadband accesses in Brazil
08/27/12 The change of chip drove growth of cellular sales in 2Q12
08/22/12 Punishment applied by Anatel and Oi's base cleaning in São Paulo drove to low cellular growth in July
08/06/12 Vivo leads in five indicators and TIM in one in 2Q12
07/23/12 In Brazil, Telefônica is mobile and América Móvil is wireline
07/23/12 The impact of the punishment on cellular growth in Brazil
07/16/12 The competition inside area codes with more than 1.5 cel. by inhabitant
07/10/12 Can TIM threaten Vivo's market share leadership in cellular?
07/03/12 Will Claro get back into the fight for the cellular leadership?
06/18/12 How will 4G affect the fight for market share in Brazil?
06/15/12 Mobile operators privatized in 1998 are leaders inside 7 from the 10 SMC areas
06/14/12 Telefônica, América Móvil and Oi are the biggest Telecom companies in Brazil
06/14/12 Vivo leads in seven indicators in 1Q12
06/12/12 TIM leads net adds, but Oi is the one that makes the difference
05/15/12 Which operators are cellular leaders inside the 12 cities hosting the World Cup?
05/07/12 What changes inside TIM with the departure of its president?
05/07/12 TIM x Claro, which company is winning this competition?
04/26/12 Net Adds: TIM is first in prepaid and Oi leads postpaid
04/17/12 Fixed broadband: Oi is first in market share, Net and GVT lead growth
04/11/12 Vivo and Claro are leaders in mobile broadband in Brazil
04/02/12 Telefônica is the biggest Telecom Group in Brazil considering revenue and accesses
03/27/12 Vivo and TIM alternated in the net adds leadership
03/19/12 The fight for market share inside Regions I, II and III
03/12/12 Cancellations affected Claro's growth in 2011
02/28/12 Vivo and TIM led cellular market in 4Q11
02/21/12 The competition between Vivo and TIM
02/13/12 América Móvil in 2011: Mexico x Brazil
02/06/12 Sky led pay TV growth in 2011
01/30/12 Vivo leads in three of the five biggest Brazilian Area Codes
01/23/12 TIM is the only operator to gain market share in 2011
01/16/12 How will cellular increase inside the Brazilian market in 2012?
01/10/12 Which operator will be mobile broadband leader in Brazil?
01/03/12 What to monitor in 2012
12/26/11 Vivo leads cellular growth in November; Which carrier will lead Christmas?
12/19/11 Assessment (anticipated) about 2011: Telecom sector improves performance year after year
12/16/11 TIM's plans for 2012
12/06/11 Average price of cellular minute fell 41% in two years in Brazil

Telefônica, TIM, GVT and SKY lead Telecom in Brazil in 3Q11


Vivo leads cellular growth in October

11/14/11 A more equilibrated board of cellular leadership in 3Q11
11/07/11 TIM was the only operators to gain market share in 2011
11/01/11 When will Oi get to grow again?
10/24/11 TIM and Oi gained market share September
10/17/11 Claro is the leader in three of the five densest Brazilian area codes
10/10/11 High speed broadband is a bottleneck for the "Dream Package"
10/03/11 Vivo leads postpaid growth in Brazil
09/26/11 Trends for the cellular market until Christmas
09/19/11 79% of the people who have 3G cell phones access Internet
09/19/11 Will Tim overtake Vivo in prepaid market share?
09/19/11 Telefonica and GVT are the groups leading the Brazilian telecom sector in 2Q11
08/29/11 Tim surpasses Claro and reaches the 2nd position in Brazilian market share
08/24/11 Oi's Challenges
08/15/11 Vivo, TIM and Claro are leaders of 2Q11
08/09/11 TIM's performance in 2Q11
08/01/11 Telefonica and Vivo's Performance in 2Q11
07/26/11 Claro improved its performance in 2Q11
07/18/11 Tim leads growth in 2011 and reaches Claro in market share
07/11/11 What changes by the new regulation on cable TV
07/04/11 Oi and Tim gained market share in São Paulo
06/29/11 Oi resumes growth in 2011
06/28/11 Claro leads growth in May and is betting on postpaid for not being overtaken by TIM
06/27/11 Charging and repair are the main reasons of complaints
06/06/11 Competition drives to fall in the cost of cellular minutes in Brazil
05/30/11 Telefonica is the leader in revenue and accesses, GVT leads profitability and growth
05/23/11 Tim leads growth in April and reduces the difference to Claro
05/18/11 Vivo, TIM and Oi are leaders in 1Q11
05/09/11 The competition between TIM and Claro for the 2nd position in market share will be decidided by "Churn"
05/03/11 What will Oi's strategy be in order to increase revenue in 2011?
04/25/11 Oi leads mobile growth in the quarter
04/18/11 Should mobile operators continue to subsidize cell phone sales in Brazil?
04/11/11 TIM was responsible for 48% of the Long Distance minutes in Dec/10
04/07/11 Oi and Claro turn the table in February
03/28/11 Users' tribes inside the Brazilian telecommunication market
03/21/11 Until when will mobile operators' voice revenue continue to increase?
03/14/11 Telefonica is the biggest Telecom group in Brazil
03/10/11 Vivo and TIM were the leaders in 4Q10
02/28/11 Difference between Claro and TIM falls to 427 thousand mobile accesses in Jan/11
02/21/11 Increase in broadband is the biggest challenge for Telefonica in 2011
02/15/11 Which will be Claro's strategy in 2011?
02/08/11 Smartphones were the main driver to the growth of cell phones sales in 2010
01/31/11 What will change in Vivo's strategy in 2011?
01/24/11 Will TIM overtake Claro in market share in 2011?
01/17/11 In Brazil, cellular might increase 13% in 2011
01/11/11 Which company leads 3G in Brazil? Claro or Vivo?
01/04/11 What to monitor in 2011
12/27/10 TIM leads mobile growth in Nov/10 and the difference over Claro drops to 1.26 million cellulars
12/20/10 Assessment (anticipated) about 2010: For the Telecom sector, the year was better than 2009
12/13/10 Will Nextel join the mobile operators club?
12/07/10 Which operator will lead Christmas mobile growth?
11/30/10 Regulatory restrictions for Cable TV affect broadband and pay TV growth in Brazil
11/22/10 Fight between Tim and Claro for the second position in market share drives to record growth in October
11/15/10 In 3Q10, Vivo leads in four indicators, Tim in two and Oi in one
11/08/10 Can Telecom Italia's low performance inside Italy affect Tim Brasil?
11/03/10 Oi didn't focus on growth but on profitability in 2010
10/25/10 Tim leads mobile growth in Sep/10 and overtakes Claro in prepaid market share
10/18/10 Does Brazil have already more than 100 cell./100 inhabitants?
10/13/10 Will Tim overtake Claro in mobile market share?
10/04/10 Vivo amplifies its leadership inside postpaid market
09/27/10 Tim leads monthly mobile growth for the second time in the year
09/21/10 Manufacturers and Operators: Can smartphones affect this relationship?
09/15/10 Cell phone is responsible for telephone spreading in Brazil
09/08/10 Is Telecom sector decreasing its growth pace in Brazil?
08/30/10 What changes at Oi by the entrance of Portugal Telecom?
08/27/10 Claro leads growth in July
08/16/10 Will Telecom Italia sell Tim Brasil?
08/09/10 Vivo, Tim and Oi are leaders in 2Q10
08/03/10 What changes now that Portugal Telecom left Vivo and went to Oi?
07/28/10 What will be Claro's strategy for the second semester?
07/20/10 Tim led the month in which mobile growth dropped
07/14/10 Is cellular price in Brazil one of the most expensive of the world?
07/06/10 Telecom represents 2.6% of the Brazilian families' expenses
06/28/10 Vivo leads mobile growth for the 9th month consecutively
06/21/10 Brazil may have more cell phones than inhabitants by October
06/15/10 Will the new authorizations for Cable TV accelerate Pay TV growth in Brazil?
06/08/10 Will Portugal Telecom accept Telefonica's offer for Vivo?
05/31/10 What changes with the merger of Claro and Embratel?
05/24/10 Vivo reduces growth pace but overtakes Oi and reaches leadership in Region I
05/17/10 Which is the biggest Telecom Group in Brazil?
05/11/10 Vivo and Claro start 2010 as leaders
05/03/10 Group formed by Claro, Embratel and Net focus in profitability
04/26/10 Postpaid Market share in Brazil: Oi loses the leadership in region I; Claro loses in São Paulo
04/22/10 Vivo's recipe to increase market share
04/22/10 What's Vivendi's strategy for Brazil?
04/05/10 Group formed by Claro, Embratel and Net got the highest growth in 2009
04/01/10 Oi's dilemmas for 2010
03/22/10 What happened to mobile market in the last 6 months?
03/15/10 Vivo is the leader in 6 of the indicators in 2009
03/17/10 Tim's challenges for 2010
03/03/10 Vivo is the leader in Net Adds for the 5th consecutive month
02/22/10 What are the obstacles for the broadband growth in Brazil?
02/19/10 The merger of Vivo and Telefonica
02/19/10 What are Claro's targets for 2010?
02/19/10 Smartphone is conquering a key role in cell phone sales
01/26/10 Which company will lead mobile growth in 2010?
01/18/10 Brazil is likely to surpass 100 cell/100 inhab. in 2010
01/12/10 The competition between Vivo, Claro, Tim and Oi for market share in 2010
01/07/10 What to monitor in 2010
12/28/09 Assessment (anticipated) about 2009: A difficult year for the sector
12/21/09 Vivo leads mobile growth for the third consecutive month
12/15/09 The future of Net and Embratel
12/07/09 Claro grew, though it posed no threat to Vivo's leadership in 2009
11/30/09 Performance in Christmas will have a decisive role in Tim's future
11/09/09 Vivo consolidates leadership in 3Q09
11/03/09 Oi and Tim have the biggest prepaid participation in cellular base
10/26/09 Vivo leads mobile growth in the quarter; Oi loses market share in Regions I and II
10/19/09 Attractive markets for broadband implementation
10/13/09 Why does Telefonica want to purchase GVT?
10/05/09 Why is Vivendi purchasing GVT?
09/28/09 Mobile market share in Brazil won't change in 2009
09/21/09 Claro leads in August; Oi got negative net adds in Region I
09/14/09 Oi, Vivo and NET are Market Share leaders in Brazil
09/08/09 Broadband is the Telecom service with the highest growth in 2009
08/31/09 Telefonica, Embratel and GVT presented the highest profitability in the 1st semester of 2009
08/24/09 July highlights: Vivo leads growth; Oi is 4th
08/17/09 Vivo, Claro, Tim and Oi share leadership in 2Q09
08/10/09 Will Claro surpass Tim in revenue?
08/03/09 Vivo vs. Claro in the first semester 2009
07/28/09 Oi leads cellular growth in the first semester of 2009
07/20/09 What's going to be the cellular growth in 2009?
07/13/09 What to monitor in 2009 (Assessment of the first semester)
07/06/09 Telefonica presented the highest profitability in 1Q09
06/29/09 Broadband density in Brazil is still lower than the world's average
06/22/09 Fall in Cellular Operator's ARPU
06/15/09 Oi leads growth in May
06/08/09 Is portability in Brazil lowers than expected?
06/01/09 Telefonica/Vivo group is the biggest in number of accesses and revenue
05/25/09 Why is cellular telephony market growing less in 2009?
05/18/09 Vivo increased leadership to 5 of the 7 indexes in 1Q09
05/11/09 Competition for the leadership in revenue in 2009: Vivo x Tim x Claro
05/04/09 The fight for market share in 2009: Claro x Vivo and Oi x Tim
04/27/09 Was crisis responsible for cellular net adds fall in 1Q09?
04/22/09 Brazil has already more than 80 cellulars per 100 inhabitants
04/13/09 Broadband accesses: Will mobile surpass fixed?
04/06/09 Biggest part of gross adds is composed of clients who exchanged operator
03/30/09 Oi's impact in cellular growth in São Paulo
03/23/09 Reduction in Tim's base affects cellular growth in Brazil
03/16/09 Three groups lead the Telecom market in Brazil
03/09/09 Vivo increases the leadership in indexes in 4Q08
03/02/09 Tim loses space in 2008 and focuses in profitability in 2009
02/25/09 Did the crisis affect cellular growth in Jan/09?
02/16/09 Vivo vs. Claro: Which one presented the best performance in 2008?
02/10/09 Will Claro lead cellular growth in 2009?
02/02/09 Prepaid stake in Brazil in 2008
01/26/09 Cell phone manufacturers are the first ones to feel the effects of the global financial crisis
01/19/09 Cellular growth was a record in 2008, and what about 2009?
01/12/09 What will happen after the incorporation of BrT by Oi?
01/05/09 What to monitor in 2009
12/29/08 Assessment (antecipated) of 2008: A great year for the sector
12/29/08 Claro and Oi's fight for the leadership in cellular growth in 2008
12/16/08 Is the number of cellulars in service growing in Brazil?
12/09/08 Tim Brasil will be the key for Telecom Itália's growth in the period between 2009 and 2011
12/01/08 What might happen if Telefonica purchases Tim Brasil?
11/24/08 Oi's entrance in São Paulo leads to cellular record growth in Oct/08
11/17/08 Claro enters to the group of leaders in 3Q08
11/10/08 Will Claro overcome Tim in revenue?
11/03/08 How to accelerate broadband growth in Brazil?
10/30/08 Assessment of one year of 3G (WCDMA/HSDPA) in Brazil
10/20/08 Can the world crisis affect the record cellular growth in 2008?
10/13/08 What will be Oi's market share in São Paulo?
10/06/08 Assessment of the first month of Brazilian Number Portability
09/29/08 Where is the strongest competition for cell phone leadership in Brazil?
09/22/08 Claro surpasses Tim and Becomes leader in net adds in 2008
09/15/08 What changes in São Paulo with "aeiou"?
09/08/08 Is Claro going to overcome Tim in market share?
09/03/08 What changes with Number Portability in Brazil?
09/03/08 Claro starts fight for leadership in net additions in 2008
09/03/08 Is the presence in cell phones Oi/BrT's weakness?
08/04/08 Will Net be the largest broadband operator in Brazil?
07/29/08 The Brazil where everybody has a cell phone
07/21/08 For the first time in 2008 Claro leads, but Vivo continues leading in the year
07/15/08 The competition of Local Fixed Telephony in Brazil
07/07/08 Who will lead the growth of cellular in 2008?
07/01/08 Cell phones Market in Brazil
06/23/08 Vivo leads Christmas and Mother's Day
06/19/08 Benchmaking: Argentina exceeds Brazil in density of access
06/09/08 Has Tim changed its strategy in 2008?
06/02/08 Will vivo repeat performance of 1Q08 in other quarters?
05/26/08 Oi and Tim lead cell phone growth in the first 4 months of the year
05/19/08 Performance of A. Móvil/Telmex and Telefonica in Latin America in 1Q08
05/10/08 Vivo is leader in 4 of the 7 main cellular indicators in 1A08
05/09/08 Performance of the 3 biggest Telecom gropus of Brazil in the 1Q08
04/29/08 Oi/BrT will fight for the cellular leadership in Brazil?
22/04/08 Led by Oi, Cellular growth in the 1Q08 exceeds projections
04/14/08 Will 3G help the revenue growth of cellular operators?
04/10/08 Oi challenges on its arrival in São Paulo
08/26/08 Will cellular operators get better profitability in 2008?
03/21/08 Oi and Tim start 2008 in the top pf the competition
03/16/08 What were the broadband leaders in Brazil in 2007?
03/12/08 Who were cell phone leaders in 2007?
03/06/08 Would Oi/BrT be a "Supertele"?
02/25/08 Will Vivo lose market share in 2008?
02/18/08 Performance of suppliers in 2207
02/12/08 What's the importance of Brazil to América Móvil/Telmex?
02/08/08 The consolidation speeds up Paid TV's growth
01/25/08 Is Claro going to surpass Tim in 2008?
01/22/08 What will be the cellular growth in 2008?
01/15/08 Is there space to a new cell phone operator in Brazil?
01/08/08 Why Telecom is losing space in BOVESPA?
01/04/08 What to follow in 2008
01/02/07 Balance of 2007: The year was better than 2006
12/17/07 Record of net adds in the year can be broken in 2007
12/10/07 Telefonica is the biggest Telecom group in Brazil
12/05/07 What will happen with Tim in 2008?
11/28/07 When will Brazil have 100 cell phones per 100 inhabitantes?
11/20/07 Will 3G accelerate broadband growth in Brazil?
11/13/07 Vivo leads market share and revenue in the 3Q07
05/11/07 Market changes on telecommunication equipments
10/30/07 Will Brazil end 2007 with 120 million cell phones?
10/24/07 What can go wrong with 3G authorization?
10/16/07 Oi Alternatives
10/08/07 Cellular in Russia: Usage and Ebitda Margin 100% more than Vivo and Tim
09/24/07 Will Vivo succeed as 4th operator in Northeastern Brazil?
09/18/07 Why do Brazilians frequently change operators?
09/12/07 América Móvil/Telmex x Telefonica: Who'll win this battle?
09/04/07 How's Brazil going to end 2007?
08/28/07 Will Claro exceed Tim?
08/20/07 Oi's recovery
08/15/07 Telecommunication sector: Is 2007 being better than 2006?
08/06/07 Cellular leads 2Q07. What changes with Telemig / Amaz sale?
07/30/07 Will Vivo acquire Telemig Celular?
07/24/07 Claro leads the 2Q07, will Vivo keep leadership?
07/16/07 How's telecommunication service attendance in Brazil?
07/06/07 Is it possible to reduce prices for cell phone calls in Brazil?
07/03/07 Is it a good business to invest in Telecom Enterprises's shares?
06/18/07 Cellular resumes growth in May
06/11/07 Will São Paulo continue to be 7th in cellular density?
06/04/07 Will Portugal Telecom change Vivo for Oi (Telemar)?
05/28/07 Is Claro going to buy Telemig Celular?
05/22/07 Tim slows down?
05/15/07 Who leads cellular in Brazil?
05/08/07 Joint Venture: Oi (Telemar) and BrT
05/01/07 What's gonna change with the entrance of Telefonica in Telecom Italia?
04/24/07 Net Adds and cellular exportations in decrease
04/17/07 América Móvil rose more than others in Brazil
04/10/07 Telecom Italia's sales and the future of national operators
04/03/07 Why is Cellular growing more in Argentina than Brazil?
03/27/07 In Brazil - Is Cellular decreasing growth because of Vivo?
03/20/07 Will Cellular revenue surpass fixed?
03/13/07 Tim surpassed Vivo in revenue?
03/06/07 Will Orascom buy BrT?
02/27/07 Pay TV attracts Fixed Telephony Operators
02/20/07 Tim leads cellular growth in Jan/07
02/13/07 Will Vivo lose its leadership in 2007?
02/06/07 Performance of Telecom suppliers in 2006
01/30/07 Region I grew 8.4 million cellulars in 2006
01/23/07 What will be Cellular Growth in 2007?
01/16/07 Should the operators decrease the price of SMS in Brazil?
01/09/07 How it would be cellular in Brazil if Claro bought Tim?
12/26/06 2006 Balance
12/19/06 3G and cellular frequencies in Brazil
12/12/06 Telefonica, América Móvil/Telmex and Telecom Italia in Latin America
12/05/06 Cellular Operators continue on debt
11/29/06 Who is gonna lead cellular growth at Christmas?
11/21/06 Cellulars Revenue is getting close to Fixed Telephones
11/16/06 Who is going to buy Tim?
11/08/06 Has Claro stopped to fight for the 2nd place?
10/31/06 Vivo sets up to come back growing
10/23/06 Broad Band in Brazil is five years behind the developed countries
10/17/06 Five groups domain Telecom's Brasilian Market
10/10/06 Can areas with high density stimulate MVNO and 3G in Brazil?
10/03/06 The consolidation of the operators in Brazil. Who's gonna buy?
09/26/06 Tim speeds up while Vivo's GSM doesn't come out
09/19/06 Why Internet has lesser users than Cellular?
09/12/06 Why brazilians don't speak a lot on cell phones?
09/05/06 Will Tim exceed Vivo in Revenue?
08/30/06 Until When will Cellular Operators lose money?
08/21/06 Will Tim exceed Vivo?
08/14/06 Brazil is the 6th Cellular Density in Latin America
07/31/06 Cellulars: Tim is the best in the 2Q06.
What will be Tim's growth in 2006?
07/24/06 Lost year for Vivo?
06/19/06 Vivo's Alternatives to 3G


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