Telecom Leaders in Brazil in 2Q16


In the 2nd quarter of 2016 (2Q16) Brazilian Telecom leaders board presented the same result registered in the previous quarter, with Vivo as leader in two indicators, Claro leading in two and Oi, Nextel and TIM in one each.




- Indicator Description
Leader in 1Q16
Leader in 2Q16
1 Revenue Net Revenue
2 Revenue Growth Net revenue growth accumulated in the year
3 Mobile Accesses Mobile Market Share
4 Fixed Telephones Fixed Telephones Market Share
5 Fixed Broadband Accesses Fixed Broadband Market Share
6 Pay TV Accesses Pay TV Market Share
7 Profitability EBITDA Margin



In the 1st quarter of 2011, Teleco started to monitor the performance of Telecom Groups in Brazil through selected indicators. The results about 2T16 are presented below. The six biggest operators of the country are included in this analysis.


On 05/28/15 Telefônica concluded the acquisition of GVT which became subsidiary of Telefônica Brasil. The information presented below incorporate GVT in Vivo's results in previous quarters.



1) Revenue: Vivo is the leader


Vivo led net revenue by holding R$ 10.5 billion in 2Q16, followed by Claro. After acquiring GVT, Telefônica consolidated itself as the biggest telecom group of the country.




2) Revenue growth: SKY keeps the leadership


Nextel was the leader in net revenue growth (16.7%). Together, Nextel and Vivo (0.8%) were the only carriers to have positive growth when comparing 2Q16 with 2Q15. Claro, Oi, Sky and TIM showed negative growth.



In comparison with the previous quarter, Nextel (29.7%) also presented the biggest growth.



3) Mobile Market Share: Vivo is the leader


Vivo, mobile market share leader in Brazil, led net adds in 2Q16 and gained market share in this period.


Claro overtook TIM in this quarter and reached the second position with 25.36% of the market share.




4) Fixed Telephones Market Share: Oi is the leader


Oi, fixed telephony market leader, was losing market share and was surpassed by Vivo in 1Q16 but it resumed the leadership in 2T16.




5) Fixed Broadband Market Share: Claro


Claro continued to amplify its leadership in fixed broadband market share in 2T16. Vivo and Oi are losing market share.



Even after incorporating GVT, Vivo get recovered from the trend that pointed to market share loss inside this segment.



6) Pay TV Market Share: Embratel/Net


Claro remained in the leadership in 2Q16 holding more than 52% of the pay TV market share.



Vivo consolidated itself in the third position after the incorporation of GVT.



7) Profitability: TIM leads EBITDA Margin


TIM competes with Vivo for the leadership in EBITDA margin and in 2Q16 it was the leader with 31.5%, followed by Vivo (31.4%).


Note: It considers Oi's routine EBITDA Margin.


Oi presented significative fall in its EBITDA Margin.



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