4G may surpass 3G in Brazil in 2017


4G may become the main mobile technology of Brazil in 2017, overtaking 3G mobile accesses.





4G mobile accesses are presenting an explosive growth surpassing 2G technology in October 2016, confirming the projection made by Teleco in the beginning of the year. The count of accesses by technology is based on the most modern technology available for the active cell phone in the network.





In the accumulated from January to November 2016, 4G presented net adds of 30.4 million accesses, while 2G and 3G presented negative net adds (-15.4 and -24.6 million respectively). Vivo led growth in this period, with net adds of 10.2 million 4G mobile accesses.





Despite this result, Vivo, together with TIM and Nextel, lost market share in 4G in this period.





In the end of 2016, 69.9% of the Brazilian population was supplied with 4G (1,358 cities). TIM was the leader in number of cities.





However TIM's advantage over Vivo and Claro, in relation to population covered with 4G, was small.





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  • Will TIM continue to be the 4G coverage leader?
  • How can the liberation of 700 MHz frequencies, after the analog TV switch off, affect this scenario?




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