Claro x TIM: Which operator had the best mobile performance in 1S18?


Claro and TIM reported prepaid losses in the first semester of 2018 (1S18), but Claro was able to offset these losses with postpaid gains, what didn't happen with TIM.





TIM lost 2.1 million cellulars in 1S18, while Claro's cell phone base remained the same.


TIM's losses on the prepaid base have been occurring for more than two years and have led the company to the loss of the 2nd place in the market share of the total number of handsets for Claro in 2017. If this trend remains, Claro may exceed TIM in prepaid market share until the end of 2018.





The M2M terminals contributed to Claro's advantage over TIM in the postpaid. In May 2018, Claro had 5.5 million M2M terminals and TIM had 1.8 million. TIM's focus is on postpaid and recurrent prepaid (make periodic recharge).





The shrinking in the prepaid base does not appear to be impacting TIM's growth in mobile services net revenue. It grew 5.8% in 1S18 compared to 1S17, but Claro's revenue grew 9.8% in this period.





Claro and TIM presented ARPU growth when we compare 2Q18 with 2Q17. In TIM's case, the shrinkage of the cellular base has a greater contribution to ARPU growth.






You couls ask:

  • Which company have the best performance in 1S18? Claro or TIM?
  • Will Claro overtake TIM in repaid market share?
  • Until when will TIM's mobile base keep shrinking?
  • Why is TIM's mobile services net revenue bigger than Claro's?
  • Which company will have the best performance in 2018?



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