Fixed broadband leaders in the 10 main Brazilian capitals


Note: "Competitive providers" includes all small operators with market share smaller than 5%. It includes all the SCM providers, except Claro, Vivo and Oi.


Claro is the leader in fixed broadband market share in seven of these ten capitals, meanwhile Vivo, Oi and Competitive Providers in one. In 1Q19, Claro held 44.7% of the total fixed broadband accesses of these ten capitals.



Competitive providers have led the fixed broadband growth in Brazil and in 1Q19 their market share reached 27.9%, behind Claro (29.9%). They are also growing in major capitals, gaining marker share mainly from Oi. Oi's market share in these ten capitals has dropped from 24.2% in 2012 to 15.3% in 1Q19.


Fixed broadband accesses in these ten capitals are growing less than the Brazilian total. The participation of these ten capitals in the total number of fixed broadband accesses in Brazil fell from 35.5% in 2012 to 29.7% in 1Q19.


The following is an analysis of the competition in each of these capitals.



1) Claro and Vivo compete for the leadership in São Paulo



Claro is the leader in São Paulo, but the advantage over Vivo fell to 97 thousand in 1Q19. Competitive providers includes TIM with market share of 7.5% in 1Q19.



2) Claro leads in Rio



A Claro é a líder isolada no Rio de Janeiro, com um market share de 50,0% no 1T19. A Oi, que era líder em 2012 está perdendo market share, tendo terminado o 1T19 com 29,6%. Entre as outras, está incluída a TIM com um market share de 8,7% no 1T19.



3) Claro leads in Brasília



Claro is the market share leader in Brasília with 44.1% in 1Q19, followed by Vivo (29.2%).



4) Oi and Vivo compete for the leadership in Salvador



Oi and Vivo compete for the leadership in Salvador, but are losing market share to Claro and to the competitive ones. TIM is the most competitive in Salvador with a 2% market share.



5) Vivo leads in Fortaleza



Competitive providers (33.4%) surpassed Vivo (32.7%) in 1Q19 and conquered the lead in Fortaleza. The main competitive is Multiplay with 13.9% market share in 1Q19.



6) Claro leads in Belo Horizonte



Claro is the isolated leader in Belo Horizonte, with a market share of 52.8% in 1Q19. Oi is losing market share and ended 1Q19 with m. share reaching 27.8%.



7) Claro leads in Manaus



Claro is the absolute leader in Manaus, with market share of 67.2% in 1Q19. Oi and the competitive providers compete for the second place. SKY is the most competitive in Manaus with a 10.5% market share.



8) Claro and Vivo compete for the leadership in Curitiba



Claro and Vivo compete for the leadership in Curitiba, but Claro is stablishing itself in the leadership. Competitive providers gained market share and may overtake Oi.



9) Vivo leds in Recife



Vivo leads in Recife holding market share of 42.8% in 1Q19, but it's losing market share to Claro.



10) Claro leads in Porto Alegre



Claro is the isolated leader in Porto Alegre holding market share of 56.2% in 1Q19.



You could ask:

  • Which company can threaten Claro's leadership in these capitals?
  • Will Oi continue to keep the leadership in Salvador?
  • Which operators can have growth in Noth and Notheast capitals?
  • Will competitive providers conquer the leadership in other capitals?



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