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In this page:Examples of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in teh world.

MVNO in Latin America


Virgin Mobile and Tribe Mobile (FRiENDi, the biggest MVNO in Asia) announced partnership to launch MVNOs in Latin America. The investments will reach UU$ 300 million, being US$ 20 million in Chile.


MVNO is already operating in Chile and started in Apr/13 the operation in Colombia in partnership with Movistar.


There are studies to begin operation in Peru, Mexico and Brazil.



Examples of MVNO in the World


There were 976 MVNOs in the world in 76 countries (Telecom paper, in 2012).





MNVO Country Comment
United States
América Móvil's prepaid MVNO
14.4 million mobile accesses in 2009
Virgin Mobile
Australia, Canada, France, India, South Africal, UK and US
MVNO for young people launched in 1999
5 million mobile accesses in 2009
Sprint acquired Virgin Mobile US in 2009
United States
MVNO for latin people, mainly mexicans in the United States
Example of ethnic MVNO

France, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Greece and Taiwan

Carrefour group uses its distribution channels as leverage to the MVNO.
Universal Mobile
Target Marketing: 14-20 years
Launched in Sep/04
Combines company's asset (Music) with the proposal of cost control (country)






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