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This page:GVT results, fixed telephony operator and internet in Brazil.

In 2000, GVT started to operate as a local telephony inside Region II.


In 2009, GVT was acquired by Vivendi.


On 09/19/2014, Telefônica signed a contract with Vivendi in order to acquire GVT, that will be concluded after the approval of CADE and Anatel, for EUR 7,2 billion.


Anatel approved the operation in Dec/14 and CADE in Mar/15.


Telefônica Brasil concluded on 05/28/2015 the purchase GVT effectuating the payment to Vivendi of EUR 4,663 billion and stocks equivalent to 12% of the social capital of the new company, which incorporated GVT. The total value of the acquisition is 7.5 billion euros.

GVT became full subsidiary of Telefônica Brasil having 65.6% of the capital controlled by Telefônica, 12% by Vivendi and 22.4% ny other stockholders.


GVT's Coverage


Cities where the company started operations recently:



Beginning of operations City
04/06/2014 Vitória de Santo Antão
04/06/2014 Gravatá
12/06/2013 Nilópolis and Caruaru
10/16/2013 Campo dos Goytacazes
10/02/2013 Ribeirão Preto
02/05/2012 Coronel Fabriciano
11/01/2012 Natal
09/18/2012 Dourados
09/03/2012 São Gonçalo and Rio Verde
08/03/2012 Arujá and Rondonópolis
07/02/2012 Mogi das Cruzes and Suzano
06/01/2012 Maceió and Aracaju
12/01/2011 Biguaçu
12/01/2011 Caucaia and Maracanaú
12/01/2011 Estância Velha
12/01/2011 Cidade Ocidental, Luziânia and Senador Canedo
12/01/2011 Feira de Santa, Camaçari, Alagoinhas and Simões Filho
12/01/2011 Mauá and Votorantim
11/26/2010 Rio de Janeiro
04/14/2010 Fortaleza
04/14/2010 João Pessoa
04/14/2010 Campina Grande
02/08/2010 Sorocaba
02/08/2010 Jundiaí



Operational Performance


Thousands 2012 2013 2014 ∆Year
Fixed Telephones (Voice) 3,489 3,934 4,368 11.0%
Broadband 2,239 2,621 3,006 14.7%
Pay TV 406 643 859 33.6%
Total Accesses 6,134 7,198 8,233 14.4%
Base of clients ≥ 10MB 80.0% 86.0% - -
Covered Cities 139 150 156 4.0%



Thousands 2009 2010 2011 ∆Year
Retail Accesses 2,065 3,035 4,372 44.1%
Fixed Telephones 1,396 1,940 2,709 39.6%
Fixed Broadband 669 1,095 1,663 51.9%
Base of clients ≥ 10MB 39.0% 64.0% 75.0% -
Corporative (Voice and Broadband) 731 1,197 1,954 63.2%
Total Accesses 2,796 4,232 6,326 49.5%
Covered Cities 84 97 119 22.7%



Financial Economic Performance


R$ Million 2011 2012 2013 2014 ∆Year
Net revenue 3,354 4,300 4,862 5,485 12.8%
EBITDA 1,394 1,854 2,011 2,182 8.5%
EBITDA margin 41.6% 43.1% 41.4% 39.8% (3.9%)
Investments 1,635 2,373 2,188 - -



Revenue Break*


R$ Million 2012 2013 2014 ∆Year
Net Revenue 4,300 4,862 5,485 12.8%
Retail and SME 3,804 4,427 5,053 14.1%
Voice 2,306 2,463 2,647 7.5%
Broadband 1,248 1,428 1,594 11.6%
TV 211 497 778 56.5%
VOIP 39 39 35 (10.3%)
Corporate & Wholesale 496 435 432 (0.7%)

*Since 2014.


R$ Million 2010 2011 2012 ∆Year
Net Revenue 2,413 3,354 4,300 28.2%
Voice 1,567 2,081 2,577 23.8%
TV - 4 211 5175.0%
Service of Next Generation (NGS) 846 1,269 - -
Corporative Data 177 235 263 11.9%
Broadband 622 972 1,188 22.2%
VOIP 47 62 61 (1.6%)
EBITDA 1,011 1,394 1,716 33.0%
EBITDA Margin 41.9% 41.6% 43.1% -



GVT was controlled by GVT (Holland), company established by financial investors, including Egaly Group (37.1%), Magnum Telecom (21.9%), IDB (16.5%), Discount Investment Corporation (16.5%), Quillon (6.7%) and others.


The company has been negotiating its shares in the new Bovespa's market (São Paulo Stock Market) in 02/15/07.


GVT has Local, LDN and LDI service authorization to Brazil (Regions I, II and III). It is the mirror company to Region II.


In February 2007 GVT was in operation in 61 cities of Region II and in the metropolitan areas of São Paulo (11), Rio de Janeiro(21) and Belo Horizonte (31), total of 64 cities in National territory.


In Sept/07 GVT announced the operation in Belo Horizonte with an initial offer of 30 thousand voice lines and 13 thousand ADSL access.


In Dec/07 GVT acquired Geodex, company that has its own network with more than 11 thousand km of optical fiber based on SDH and DWDM technologies. GVT available R$ 74.6 millions for the acquisition of shareholding control, and others around R$ 33.7 millions (considering the intire balance of Geodex's cash in the transaction) for the payment of obligations gotten by the acquired company.

In May/08, GVT announced the beginning of operation in Contagem (Minas Gerais) with a start offer of 18 thousand voice lines and until 14 thousand broad band access (ADSL).


In May/2008, GVT announced the beginning of operation in Salvador (Bahia) with a start offer of 45 thousand voice lines and until 45 thousand broadband access (ADSL). The operator invested US$ 27 million to cover the villages of Amaralina, Barra, Caminho das Árvores, Canela, Comércio, Graça, Jardim Apipema, Pituba and Vitória.



Vivendi purchases GVT

Vivendi announced in 11/13/09 the acquisition of GVT's stocks from its controllers for R$ 56.00 per stock, what represents 37.9% of the total. Vivendo also had the option of purchasing further stocks (19.6%), reaching the total of 57.5% of the shares.


These options were options were bought in 12/23/09 as well as other groups of stocks. So Vivendi became the owner of 85.5% of GVT's capital.


Vivendi's target is to acquire all GVT's stocks, which would no longer have its shares negotiated in the Brazilian stock exchange.


Public Offer to acquire all GVT's capital


Vivendi launched on 03/26/2010, a public offer (OPA) in order to acquire all GVT's stocks.


Price offered: R$ 56 per share.


Date: 04/27/2010



OPA was successful and Vivendi acquired 16,647,327 ordinary stocks of GVT, what represents 93.58% of the stocks.


Vivendi's participation in GVT reached 99.17% (136.1 million of the 137.2 million shares in GVT's total capital).

Due to the acceptance of the offer by shareholders representing more than two thirds (2/3) of the shares qualified for the auction, GVT's record as an open company should be canceled with proper approval by the CVM.


Considering that the number of the shares left by Vivendi is less than 5% of GVT's capital, the company will promote a special meeting to approve the redemption of the remaining shares for the same price.



Operations begin in em São Paulo

GVT announced the beginning of the operations in São Paulo, starting by the cities of Sorocaba and Jundiaí, because these cities are inside strategic locations in the state, with intense economic activity. Both cities are in the first step of GVT's expansion schedule in São Paulo. GVT is likely to break into the São Paulo (capital) until 2011.


The company will offer fixed telephony and broadband with 100 Mbps speed.


The investments reached R$ 40.1 million in the construction of network with capacity to 38 thousand broadband and voice accesses, corresponding to 30% of the coverage in both cities.


On December 16, 2010, GVT announced the beginning of its commercial operations in Guarulhos and Osasco.



GVT starts to operate in Fortaleza (CE), João Pessoa and Campina Grande (PB)

On April 14th 2010, GVT started to operate in Fortaleza (CE), João Pessoa and Campina Grande (PB), with complete services of fixed telephony and broadband up to 100Mbps. The impletemntation requested an investment of R$ 95.1 million in the construction of a network with capacity for 107 thousand broadband and voice accesses, it corresponds to 30% of the geographic coverage in the region.


The period for pre-sales in this three cities showed the demand for broadband which represented about 90% of the sales and 96% of those are requests for speeds of 10 Mbps or higher. The Number portability was adopted in 50% of the fixes telephones pre-sales in these three cities.


GVT's plan aims to amplify from 40% to 45% its initial coverage, adding new villages to be covered in the second semester of this year and along 2011 with focus in the capitals of Fortaleza and Josão pessoa.


Breaking into Cerá and Paraíba is part of GVT's process of national expansion which started in 2007 by the beginning of operations in Belo Horizonte, followed by Contagem, Betim (MG) and Salvador (BA), in 2008; Vitória, Vila Velha and Serra (ES) besides Recife and Jaboatão dos Guararapes (PE) in 2009.




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