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In this page: Information about Telecom Italia.

Telecom Italia (TI) is the main Telecommunication Provider in Italy, privatized in 1997. In 2003 became Telecom Italia S.p.A.


Pirelli was TI's main shareholder until April 2007, when Olímpia, Telecom Itália's controller, was sold per 4,1 billion euros to a consortium (Telco) composed by: Telefonica (42,3%), Generali (28,2%), Mediobanca (10,7%), Inttesa (10,7) and Benetton family (8,2%). This group got 23,6% of Telecom Italia. The process was concluded in 10/25/07, after Anatel's approval in Brasil.


In March/08 the consortium Telco increased its participation in Telecom Italia from 23,6% to 24,5%. Mediobanca acquired 121,5 million in Telecom's shares per 149,8 million euros.


In Sep/13, Telefônica closed the deal (which now must to be approved by the regulation agencies in Italy, Brazil and Argentina) to increase its participation at Telco going from the current 46% to 66%.



The entrance of Telefonica in Telecom Itália


As Telefonica controls Vivo, and by its entry in Telecom Italia, it could participate in Tim's control. This operation was analysed by Anatel, which approved the process in 10/23/07 under restrictions. These restrictions will be added to a new shareholding agreement to be submitted to the Anatel's approval in thirty days. Still, the process will be analysed by CADE.


Anatel's pretends that Vivo and Tim Brasil keep themselves independents, with their own legal sector, administrative board and business plan. Can not have joint venture, tenders overlay, technological trading between companies, or marketing agreements between them. Vivo and Tim will have 6 months to hand Anatel a proposal ensuring decoupling between them.


With Anatel's approval the operation to Telefonica entrance in Telecom Italia was concluded in 10/25/07.


In 07/31/08 Anatel's director council approved the shareholding agreement set by Telefonica and Telecom Italia which, in Anatel's view, fulfilled the conditions imposed avoiding the concentration of cellular telephony in the Brazilian market.








Annual Results


Group Net Revenue


Million Euros 2016 2017 2018 ∆Year
Net Revenue 19.036 19.828 19.109 (3,6%)
Italy* 15.017 15.354 15.185 (1,1%)
- Fixed Tel. 10.479 10.689 10.611 (0,7%)
- Mobile Tel. (Tim) 5.180 5.275 5.205 (1,3%)
TIM Brasil 4.047 4.502 3.959 (12,1%)
Others and Eliminations (28) (28) (35) -

* includes eliminations

Note: Since 2010 results don't consider Telecom Argentina.



Million Euros 2016 2017 2018 ∆Year
Net Revenue 19.036 19.828 19.109 (3,6%)
EBITDA 8.018 7.790 7.713 (1,0%)
EBITDA Margin 42,1% 39,3% 40,4% -
Investments 4.876 6.690 6.558 (2,0%)
Net Debt 25.119 26.091 25.308 (3,0%)

Note: Since 2010 results don't consider Telecom Argentina.




Telecom Italia had operations in Peru, Chile and Venezuela that were sold:

  • Tim announced in January 2006 the sale of Digicel to Telvenco S.A, a company owned by Oswaldo Cisneros, price US$ 425 millions. Digicel had in 2005 , 1.7 million cellulars and 287 million euros Revenue. Tim had announced in november 2004 Digicel selling to Cantv by US$ 450 million, operation that hadn't been approved by Conatel.
  • January 2005 its participation in Entel Chile to Almendral, company of Grupo Hurtado Vicuña by US$ 934 million.
  • August 2004 , Tim Peru by 497 Million Euros to América Móvil. In the Fixed Telephony, Telecom Itália has partipations of Brasil Telecom in Brazil and Telecom Argentina.

In April/07 the Bolivian Government annunced the partial nationalization of Entel Bolivia.


In fixed telephony, Telecom Italia has a participation in Telecom Argentina.



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