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TelecoWorld: Panama



Official Name: Republic of Panama
Capital: Panama City
Population: 3,9 million (CEPAL 2014)
Currency: Balboa
Calling Code: +507

Regulator Agency: ASEP

Autoridad Nacional de los Servicios Públicos




The figure presents the evolution of public telephony and cellulars in Panamá.

Source: Ente.




Mobile Telephony



2012 2013 2014
Mobile Accesses 6,214 6,205 6,205
Fixed Telephones 570 577 580
Fixed Broadband 295 307 310

Source: ASEP



Fixed Telephony



2012 2013 2014
Mobile Accesses 164.1 161.1 158.6
Fixed Telephones 15.0 15.0 14.8
Fixed Broadband 7.8 8.0 7.9

Source: ASEP




Fixed Telephony Operators


Panama Cable Wireless is the main local telephony operator, and its control is divided between: Cables Wireless (49%), Government of Panama (49%) and Employees (2%). C&W had 416 thousand fixed telephones in Sep/05 and 432 thousand in Sep/06.






Cellular Operator


The Bell South was acquired by Telefonica Moviles, with the other operations of Bell South in Latin America in march/2004.The operation was concluded in october/04 in Panama, appearing the Movistar.




CW Movil





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