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Thi page : Guide of Sites with informations about Power Line Comunication.

PLC technology transform a network of electric distribution in a communication network by the overlapping of a signal information of low energy to the alternating chain signal of high power. The frequency band used to communication is from 1.6 to 30 MHz to Broadband applications.



Regulation for the Use of Power Line Communications (PLC) Technology

04/13/2009 - Anatel published the Resolution 527, which approves the Regulation on Broadband Systems over Power Lines (BPL). The document sets technical criteria and parameters that permit the use of this technology harmonically with radiocommunication applications that use radio frequency in the band between 1.705 kHz and 50MHz.


To access this resolution click here. (in Portuguese)


08/18/2009 - ANEEL published documents that regulates the use of PLC technology.


Resolution number 375/2009  establishes the conditions for the share of distributors infrastructure.

Consult: Res. Normativa 375 (in Portuguese)




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   PLC Technology: Oportunity to Telecommunication sectores and Electric Energy

   PLC - Power Line Communications



It's following below a guide of sites from PLC World Atlas sent to Teleco by Orlando Cesar de Oliveira.

Eletropaulo Telecomunicações tests PLC in São Paulo


Anatel authorized, on 11/13/07 (act 68,541), Eletropaulo Telecomunicações to milk the Special Service for Cientific Purpose or Experimental in the City of São Paulo for one year.


The authorized service aims to test the PLC's transmission and performance on power lines, in order to make able in the market a combined solution of this technology with optical fiber transmission network to provide broadband connection.




PLC Forum


Forum BR PLC

CEPCA: Consumer Electronics Powerline Communication Alliance

Foro PLC from Argentina

Home Plug

UPLC: Unitet Power Line Council

PLC-J: High Speed PLC Promorters Alliance

PTF: Power Line Telecommunications Forum

IPFC: International Powerline Communications Forum



Regulation and Normalization


ACMA: Australian Communications and Media Authority

Reg TP (not found)

Home Plug

FCC: Federal Communications Commission



CEN: Comité Europeén de Normalisation

Cenelec: Comité Europeén de Normalisation Electrotechnique

ETSI: European Telecommunicatios Standards Institute

IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission



Information and Publication


ARRL: National Association for Amateur Radio

BPL Today




Etopia Media


Powerlines Networking

Powerline Communications.net

Powerline Phones

Powerline Home Networking



Powerline World

UPLC Networking

MSN Busca

Yahoo News



Associations and Organizations



APTEL: Associação de Empresas Proprietárias de Infra-estrutura e Sistemas Privados de Telecomunicações

CABA: Continental Automated Buildings Assiciation


Internet Home Alliance

NCTA: National Cable & Telecommunicatios Association

OSGi Alliance



SCTE: Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers

TAHI: The Application Home Initiative

UPnP Forum

UTC: United Telecom Council





Powerline 2006

International Symposium on Power Line Communications 2006

IPLC 2005

Broadband Over Powerline 2006

Powerline Communications World Congress

BroadBand Power Line 2006



Radio Associations


International Amateur Radio Union

Radio Society of Great Britain

American Radio Relay League

Union Radioaficionados Españoles

Society for Amateur Radio in The Netherlands

Japan Amateur Radio League



More Events






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